Review: Unfathomed

cover-unfathomedTitle: Unfathomed
Author: Anna Hackett
Series: Treasure Hunter Security #4
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: Short novel
Available: 24th Jan


Proper blurb to come when available.

Now, we head underwater off the coast of Madagascar with female security agent Morgan Kincaid and the adventuring, Indiana Jones-style archeologist she’s hired to protect.

Source: ARC provided by the author.

Time to strap on your diving gear and head to Madagascar, because Treasure Hunter Security is back and it’s female team member Morgan’s turn to battle the perils of love and danger. The strong, determined woman is about to meet her match in sexy marine archeologist, Dr Zach James, as they go looking for sunken treasure in the Indian Ocean.

That’s the one thing I really like about this series – the locations. I love that each book heads somewhere different, and even the more familiar places are tackled in new and refreshing ways. The archeology here is interesting, and even digs a little deeper into the local history, but I particularly enjoyed when the action went inland on the island for a bit, exploring this wild and most unusual habitat.

The one thing I don’t like so much about this series is it’s repetitiveness. If you’ve read any or all of the previous books you will pretty much know the plot already, because this series has found a formula and it’s tenaciously sticking to it. The gender flip of having our heroine be the protective muscle isn’t as big a change as I might have liked either, since Zach is pretty alpha and just as protective as Morgan.


So we have our rough and ready security member and the more scholarly person they’re helping to recover/find treasure. Off they go to the exciting location. There will be some searching, some flirting, maybe a bit of foreplay, and a bit of secret keeping by the scholar with regards to the magical importance of what they’re looking for.

Trouble will arrive, something may be stolen, someone will probably get hurt. There will be a betrayal/mole. Then our plucky couple will be kidnapped/captured by the Silk Road bad guys. They will escape and while running away they will stop off somewhere to have noisy monkey sex before falling asleep without a care because it’s not like they’re being hunted down or anything. This moment of fleeing will lead to a highly convenient discovery of a secret temple or clues that lead to a secret temple, which will of course be where they find the magical item they’re looking for.

At their moment of triumph the Silk Road baddies will show up again, through some sort of nefarious luck. There will be a shoot out. One of our heroes will probably get hurt, sometimes near-fatally. At the moment of maximum peril some mythical and/or over-sized local fauna will arrive to eat the bad guys, while leaving our heroes utterly untouched. Then the rest of the THS guys will show up having tracked the missing pair down via osmosis or tree whispers or dowsing rods or some other equally unlikely way and everyone goes home happy.


Which is kind of a shame because if this was the first book in the series I’d read, it would probably end up my favourite. However, because it all turned out exactly as expected (and how the other three went) it wasn’t as fun as I’d hoped. Nor as sexy. Mostly because I knew exactly when they’d be getting it on and since it’s at a really stupid moment I couldn’t have cared less.

So overall this is an enjoyable enough read, as long as you don’t mind plot formulas. The setting is fabulous, the characters are likeable enough and the action is pretty good, I would just prefer a surprise or two in how things turn out. The next book looks like it might be heading in a slightly different direction, so I’ll probably try it, but to be honest the only story I’m really interested in is Darcy and her sneaky FBI guy.

Unfathomed is out January 24th.
Visit Anna Hackett for more details.


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