Review: The Cowboy and the Kid

cover-cowboy-and-the-kidTitle: The Cowboy and the Kid
Author: Anne McAllister
Series: Tanner Brothers #4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: 26th Jan


Having a father is a big responsibility.
And finding him a wife is a challenge eight-year-old Becky Jones takes seriously. Ex-rodeo cowboy Taggart Jones is adamant. No marriage. Been there. Done that.

Not even if Becky’s dream candidate is her beautiful, blonde teacher, Felicity Albright, who knows about barrettes, patching up scrapes, and hates carrots as much as his daughter. Taggart’s still not interested. Much.

What’s a daughter to do? Becky’s nothing if not ingenious, and she’s determined to convince a stubborn Taggart and a bemused Felicity that they really have met their match.

Source: ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley

Considering that it’s twenty years old, this book stands up pretty well in this re-release. Taggart is a hands on single dad who has always tried to do what’s best for his daughter, while Felicity is a woman still in mourning for her deceased husband. She’s not looking for a relationship; he would like one but isn’t willing to trust again after the disaster of his marriage. It’s all fairly cute and standard stuff.

Then along comes Becky. Taggart’s daughter is quite a character. She’s head strong and determined and very much like her father. She also has a plan. Because taking care of her dad on her own is quite frankly exhausting. I found Becky a lot of fun, particularly at the beginning as she and her friend ensure her father and new teacher meet. Admittedly, as the book went on, there were times when I felt she pushed a bit too hard, but she is only a kid, and her intentions are always good.

Although Becky firmly stole this book for me, Taggart and Felicity are interesting too. The story doesn’t throw up any real surprises, but the characters are likeable – even when you want to smack them around the back of the head – and their romance is believable. I liked how Taggart got to show Felicity that he was more than just a cowboy and that he had surprisingly hidden depths. Even if he could use a bit of help when it came to relationships – luckily for him Becky was around to help.

Overall this is cute, enjoyable and fun. It’s easy and undemanding and Becky is the best bit of it, in the best possible way, so if cute cowboy romances are your thing, then give this a try. This is my first read from this series, and this author, but I would certainly like to read more.

The Cowboy and the Kid is out January 26th.
Visit Anne McAllister for more details.


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