Review: The Devil’s Submission

cover-devils-submissionTitle: The Devil’s Submission
Author: Nicola Davidson
Series: Fallen #2
Genre: Historical Erotic
Length: Novella
Available: 6th Feb


Disinherited by his parents and estranged from his wife, Fallen pleasure club co-owner Lord Grayson ‘Devil’ Deveraux long ago learned to place his trust in ledgers rather than people. But his ice-cold reserve hides the scandalous truth: he’s a man who craves pain with his pleasure, and a loving lady to instruct him.

Banished to the country when her whirlwind marriage collapsed, Lady Eliza Deveraux never knew why Grayson fell out of love with her: she’d tried so damned hard to quell her fiery self and be a proper, obedient wife. But when Eliza is forced to return to London and back into Grayson’s intoxicating world, banked passions reignite. Can a marriage built on secrets and pretense truly get a second chance?

Source: ARC from Entangled: Scorched via NetGalley

Welcome back to Fallen, the sex club where there is no shame – except that which Grayson ‘Devil’ Deveraux feels over his need for domination. It’s the painful secret that has cost him almost everything in his life, but all of that is about to change when his estranged wife returns for a wedding and they find themselves once more sharing the same bed.

Short and sexy, this novella manages to pack in plenty of emotion around the scorching hot scenes. Poor Grayson is thoroughly mixed up inside and just needs Eliza to take care of him, while Eliza likewise needs to take control of her life instead of constantly holding back because of the dictates of her mother. I loved seeing their D/s relationship grow and flourish as each of them finally gain the confidence and freedom to be their true selves.

It’s not all perfectly straightforward, of course, but the occasional bump here and there add a touch of drama to the sexy romance and also provided Eliza in particular with time to grow into herself properly.

Overall I really enjoyed this. It may be short, but it’s thoroughly decadent and I can’t wait to read Vice’s tale (or Charlie’s).

The Devil’s Submission is out February 6th.
Visit Nicola Davidson for more details.


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