Review: Ge-Mi

cover-ge-miTitle: Ge-Mi
Author: Mell Eight
Series: Ge-Mi #1
Genre: M/M Sci-Fi
Length: Novella
Available: 8th Feb


A hundred years ago evil scientists spliced human genes with those of animals, creating a genetic mutation passed on through the generations. Hated because of their differences, these Ge-Mis live on the fringes of society where they scrounge and scrape to get by.

Nevada is half Ge-Mi, and hides that fact behind baggy clothes and by keeping distance between himself and everyone around him. One day his peaceful life is shattered by an explosion and the arrival of a pack of wolves to sniff out the culprit. Wolves have excellent noses and as Alpha, Taylor can sniff out every one of Nevada’s secrets- and the harder Nevada tries to resist, the more difficult staying away from Taylor becomes.

Source: ARC from Less Than Three Press via NetGalley

I really enjoyed the start of this new series from Mell Eight, mostly because Nevada is adorable. The futuristic, dystopian world with its independent towns and cities and the friction between humans and Ge-Mis was nicely done, providing plenty of scope for more from this series, but it was Nevada who made this book for me.

Part human, part snow leopard, Nevada is quiet and shy and used to hiding. He’s also king of cats, finding them everywhere he goes, nursing those that need it back to health, raising orphaned kittens and securing new homes for them when they’re ready to leave. He’s sweet natured and kind, but also brave when it counts. I loved him.

However, the romance between him and Taylor didn’t quite work for me. Mostly because Taylor needs a lot more fleshing out as a character, but also because it came out of nowhere and didn’t really go anywhere, yet people are already mentioning mate-type things. These two don’t even kiss, yet it’s love and permanent and… hm.

So the romance needs work, and I would like to know a lot more about Taylor and his wolves, but as an opening I really enjoyed this and would happily read more about Nevada. Especially if he comes with Hex in his pocket, because that kitten is the cutest, feisty fur ball and I hope we see a lot more of him in future.

Ge-Mi is out February 8th.
Visit Mell Eight for more details.


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