Review: Cowboy Pride

cover-cowboy-prideTitle: Cowboy Pride
Author: Anne McAllister
Series: Tanner Brothers #5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: 13th Feb


Brenna Jamison doesn’t want a husband. She may be widowed and pregnant, but she doesn’t need a man in her life–particularly not strong-willed, close-mouthed, drop-dead gorgeous Jed McCall.

Jed doesn’t want a wife. He’s raising his nephew, Tuck, just fine by himself, thank you very much. And when beautiful, tempting Brenna comes back to take over her father’s ranch, Jed wants nothing more than to keep her out of his life.

Tuck has a better idea… But he doesn’t know about the past they share–one that Jed doesn’t want to remember and Brenna can’t forget. When life throws them together again, Brenna discovers that Jed matters more than she wishes he would. And try as he will, Jed can’t get Brenna out of his mind.

Yes, they have a past. But the question now is: can they have a future?

Source: ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley

This is a cute and easy second chance cowboy read with a shy, taciturn hero and the stubborn woman who has always loved him. Plus the determined nephew who brings them together.

I liked it, even if it did take far too long for Jed’s reasons for leaving Brenna all those years ago to come out. It’s not for the expected reasons either, and while I did guess along the way, I’m still slightly torn as to how I feel about it. It’s different, that’s for sure, but anything more than that would be spoilers. Pride plays a big part in keeping them apart and there were times when someone needed to give Jed a smack around the head.

I also found the speed with which Jed accepts Tuck’s idea to be a bit baffling. He’s put up such a fight for so long and then… well. Sure, it does solve a lot of problems for all involved, but the way both he and Brenna both agree so quickly was convenient more than believable.

However, if you like cowboy romances with a strong, silent hero and a heroine who stays in love no matter what, then you’ll enjoy this. It’s easy and enjoyable, throws in an unconventional family arrangement and tugs on a few emotions along the way.

Cowboy Pride is out February 12th.
Visit Anne McAllister for more details.


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