Review: Seducing the Bachelor

cover-seducing-the-bachelorTitle: Seducing the Bachelor
Author: Sinclair Jayne
Series: Wilder Brothers #1 (Bachelor Auction Returns #3)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


Single mom and veterinary student Talon Reese thinks she is volunteering her time, not her heart or her body, for Marietta Montana’s second annual Bachelor Auction. But when Bachelor number 3 hits the stage, igniting every hormone she forgot she possessed, she’s questioning her vow of no more men. With a man this drool worthy, some fun doesn’t have to be off the table, even if she’s not looking for a relationship.

Special Forces sniper Colt Ewing blew out of Marietta on graduation day and never looked back, until his former football coach asked for his help. Standing on the auction block is a tough mission for Colt until he meets his winning bidder, a woman who’s as warm and friendly as he is aloof and silent. All night her mouth has been creating sexual fantasies, so when she opens it to boldly proposition him, there’s no way in hell he’s going to say no.

But as Colt and Talon burn up the sheets, he begins to forget why he hates this town, and Talon wonders if she can learn to trust enough to fall in love. But will that be enough to convince him to stay?

Source: Review copy from Tule Publishing via NetGalley

Since I’ve already read the second and third parts of the Wilder Brothers series, I thought it was time to come back and see where it all began. If I hadn’t already read Want Me, Cowboy, this book would have left me with so many questions – none of which relate to the Bachelor Auction series. It did also leave me with a few different questions, but I’ll get to those later.

Colt is an old resident of Marietta and couldn’t leave fast enough when his chance came, Talon is a newcomer who loves the small town and can’t ever imagine leaving. Their goals may be different, but the chemistry between them is hard to deny and there are a lot of similarities in the way they grew up and the hurts they have inside. I liked them both and I thought they made an excellent pair. I particularly loved how Colt and Talon’s son, Parker, got along, even if Parker did some times raise some painful memories.

The road to love and happiness is of course paved with emotional issues, and there were times when I wanted to shake Colt, because the answers are right in front of him but he just can’t see them. Still, I enjoyed the romance and loved seeing how everything turned out.

However, when it comes to all the other bits and pieces that connect it to the Wilder Brothers series, things weren’t quite as smooth. Colt learns something about his past that goes precisely nowhere. Talon meets a strange woman and, again, it goes nowhere. These things are important to the other books, but they’re left completely hanging here with little curiosity shown by the characters.

I was also a little confused. The way Talon is written in Want Me, Cowboy, is rather fragile, as if Colt has to protect her from some terrible past pain that made her wary of men. Imagine my surprise to find her nothing of the sort in this book. She’s strong and competent and I liked her a lot here, to the point where I’m disappointed in her in the other books.

So on its own this is an enjoyable read, with an emotional romance that’s also filled with chemistry and plenty of fun, especially where Parker is involved. However, it does leave several plot points hanging and the transition between this and the next Wilder book isn’t particularly smooth. On the whole, though, I’m glad I read it.

Seducing the Bachelor is Out Now.
Visit Sinclair Jayne for more details.


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