Review: Meet Me At Beachcomber Bay

cover-meet-me-at-beachcomber-bayTitle: Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay
Author: Jill Mansell
Series: – –
Genre: Chick Lit/Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: Now


The romantic, funny and unputdownable new novel from Jill Mansell, No. 1 bestselling author of THE ONE YOU REALLY WANT, THREE AMAZING THINGS ABOUT YOU and YOU AND ME, ALWAYS – ‘A glorious, heartwarming romantic read’ Woman & Home. Perfect for anyone who loves Jojo Moyes, Marian Keyes and Katie Fforde.

Clemency isn’t looking for love when she meets Sam, and he doesn’t make a brilliant first impression when she sits next to him on a plane. Yet by the end of the flight a real connection has been made. Clemency senses this could be something special… until she discovers that Sam has deliberately thrown her contact details in a bin. Oh well, his loss. (But also… why???)

So Clemency returns to St Carys in Cornwall and gets on with her busy life and career alongside best friend, boss and local heartbreaker Ronan. When Clemency’s glamorous stepsister Belle appears, smugger than ever now she’s found the perfect man, Clemency’s happy for her, really she is… until she discovers Belle’s perfect man is Sam.

Heart-stopping romantic entanglements, crossed wires and sisterly dilemmas – all the ingredients for an unputdownable read!

Source: Review copy from Headline Review via Amazon Vine

Jill Mansell returns to the charming seaside town of St Carys with a fun, warm tale of love, longing, loss and secrets under the Cornish sun.

In fact longing and loving from afar is a definite theme with this book. Especially with the two main characters, best friends and work colleagues, Clemency and Ronan. Both are in love with someone they think they can’t have and somewhere along the line end up in a fake relationship, mostly to stop Clemency’s awful sister, Belle, from picking on her. But this book is about more than just these two, since we also have Belle’s new boyfriend Sam, post-mistress Kate who is looking for the perfect home, Ronan’s lovely mum, quiet Marina the artist who is still recovering from a bad divorce, and many other intriguing characters that help bring this lovely town to life.

I really liked both Clemency and Ronan. They’re fun and their friendship is wonderful, and it’s clear they care deeply for the people in their lives – even when they don’t always deserve it. By contrast I found both Sam and Kate a little dull. I know both are grieving for lost loved ones and they’re naturally quiet, but they’re also very passive. Sam in particular just lets everything come to him and deals with it as best he can, good or bad, and I wasn’t fond of the way he let Belle run his life. Actually everyone in this book is pretty passive about love and relationships. No one seems willing to go after what they want.

Well, except for Belle, and she’s not a great example because she’s also capable of staggering selfishness that really made me dislike her. Several times.

So I found this one a little odd, because while I really enjoyed it and wanted all the characters involved to get happy endings – and was delighted when things did go their way – at the same time it might have been nice if some of them had been a little more active in working towards their goal, any goal. Love and happiness is almost an accident for most of them, because they’re too busy moping and sighing at each other from a distance. But it was also an easy read that I found hard to put down. I’m also delighted that it had a lesbian subplot, because that’s not something I’ve come across too often in mainstream romance (gay men, sure, but not so many women), so that made me very happy.

So overall if you’re looking for an easy read about a community of family and friends living their lives in a beautiful place, keeping secrets, falling in love and often accidentally finding¬†their way into happy endings, then give this a go. If you’re already a Jill Mansell fan you will already know what to expect and find plenty to enjoy, but if you’re new to this author expect charm and warmth and hopefully you’ll like it too.

Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay is Out Now.
Visit Jill Mansell for more details.


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