Review: Montana Mornings

cover-montana-morningsTitle: Montana Mornings
Author: Kim Law
Series: Wildes of Birch Bay #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: 28th Feb


Gabe Wilde has never been more ready for a change. Thirty-three and in the midst of a divorce, he’s packed up his second-grade daughter and come home to Birch Bay, Montana. New house, new career, new life. Only, with changes come stress. His daughter is struggling with the transition to their new norm—and Gabe is out of ideas as to how to help.

Erica Bird is mired in her own worries. After impulsively leaving the teaching job she loved, she may finally be free from her cheating ex, but separated from her family and everything she’s ever known, second guesses linger. Substitute teaching in Birch Bay is fine for the time being, but what will her future hold?

When Gabe’s daughter winds up in Erica’s class, the two meet—or rather, reunite. Neither has forgotten their college romance or the tender feelings they once shared, but will their complicated pasts destroy their second chance? Or will old desire lead to a new love when each needs it most?

Source: ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley

This series and I have a problem. Three books in and there’s not been a single heroine that I like. I’m also struggling with the fact that all mothers – apart from the main couples – are terrible. I’ve read plenty of Kim Law books in the past, and thoroughly enjoyed them, yet somehow I’ve only ever read one from each series before. This is the first time I’ve read more than one and I’m finding it a touch repetitive. Although on the surface Erica is nothing like Dani from Montana Cherries (and nor is Gabe like Ben), the two stories share a lot of similarities, except Erica doesn’t have anywhere near as good an excuse as Dani for some of the things she does.

I had problems liking Erica. There wasn’t anything specific that I could put my finger on at first, except for being frustrated with things between her and her ex-husband. She seems nice enough and is good with kids, even if I think the way she always assumes she knows better than Gabe when it comes to his daughter, because she’s a super amazing award winning teacher, was arrogant and rude. Yes, Jenna has issues and no, Gabe doesn’t always handle them well, but Erica knows nothing about their life.

I wasn’t particularly fond of Gabe at times either, to be honest. He has plenty of issues of his own that he’s not really working through, and he does neglect Jenna a bit, but he is trying. When the two of them are on good terms they’re adorable together, and I did appreciate that Jenna is struggling and the way that played out. I also liked seeing the Wilde family come together, especially when Gabe finally lets them in. It was great to see Gloria step forward at last.

Mostly, despite there being lovely touches in the relationship between Erica and Gabe – I loved their early morning chats and there’s definitely plenty of chemistry between them – by the end I didn’t think they really belonged together. The way the conflict arises, and the way it was resolved, left me annoyed rather than relieved. As with Montana Cherries, I was left feeling that Gabe and particularly Jenna deserved better. Which isn’t a recurring theme that I like coming up in romance.

I think I’ll have to wait and see what the next book is about – I’m guessing Cord, but I’m not yet sure which woman he’ll be with – before I decide whether or not to continue with this series.

Montana Mornings is out February 28th.
Visit Kim Law for more details.


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