Review: The Great Cat Café Rescue

cover-great-cat-cafe-rescueTitle: The Great Cat Café Rescue
Author: Katrina Charman
Illustrator: Lucy Truman
Series: Poppy’s Place #3
Age Range: 9+
Available: 9th March


The third book in this heart-warming series about the residents of Poppy’s Place cat café!
Poppy’s Place is up and running, but Isla is frustrated by the time it’s taking to rehome the cats. Then she has a purr-fect idea – they could host a cat adoption event on Valentine’s Day, to match the perfect cat with the perfect owner. But just as the plans for the Great Cat-acular are coming together disaster strikes – Poppy’s Place is flooded! Can Isla come up with a plan to relocate their big event and save the day?

Source: ARC from Little Tiger via NetGalley

Valentine’s Day is coming, but rather than get excited about the school disco, Isla has a whole other matchmaking scheme in mind – finding homeless cats their perfect partners and forever homes in the Great Cat-acular! Her friends might be busy worrying about clothes and boys, but Isla’s on a mission, because if she can’t find new homes for the cats at the café, she can’t take any more in – and that would be a disaster.

Well, so she thinks, until the house floods and all Isla’s hopes and dreams look set to crash down around her. Will the Great Cat-acular have to be cancelled? Is it the end for Poppy’s Place? Are all of the cats okay? You’ll have to read it to find out.

Every bit as fun as the first two books, this latest Poppy’s Place adventure focuses on how tiring running the place is and how rehoming cats isn’t perhaps as easy as Isla first hoped. There are also a few hints of boys on the horizon, and while Isla still loves cats more than anything, she is growing up too. The cats themselves didn’t feature as strongly this time around as in other books, but I still enjoyed reading about Isla’s family and friends and the rush of trying to organise the Great Cat-acular when at times it seems as if everything is determined to go wrong.

Cute and fun, with lovely illustrations throughout, this series is perfect for young animal lovers. I can’t wait to see where Isla’s plans and ideas take the whole family next.

The Great Cat Café Rescue is out March 9th.
Visit Katrina Charmin for more details.


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