Review: So Wrong It Must Be Right

cover-so-wrong-it-must-be-rightTitle: So Wrong It Must Be Right
Author: Nicole Helm
Series: Gallagher and Ivy #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: 21st March


It’s all fun and games until fantasy gets real . . .
At twenty-seven, Dinah Gallagher thought she’d have it all figured out. Instead, she’s having mind-blowing online sex with a man she knows nothing about and fighting for her rightful place in the family business. Part of that battle means expanding their century-old restaurant by getting the stubborn urban farmer next door to sell them his lot.
But Carter Trask is tired of being pushed around—especially by rich families like the Gallaghers. All he has left is the little farm he’s scratched out of his grandmother’s yard. At least he can blow off steam with the anonymous woman he’s been emailing for the past eight months, who makes his every sexual fantasy come alive—even if it’s only online.
When Dinah suddenly realizes that Carter’s gardens look just like some of her mystery man’s photos, she can’t resist trying to turn her dreams into reality. Against his better judgment, Carter joins in the game. But in real life, passion has a way of becoming very complicated, very quickly. And sometimes the wrong choice can turn out to be oh so right . . .

Source: ARC from Lyrical Press via NetGalley

This book fell into two fairly distinct halves for me. The first half was sexy and enjoyable, with a hint of antagonism thrown in to keep things interesting, the second half was loaded down with so much family drama that it left me wondering why anyone cared about that stupid place.

Dinah confused me a bit. At first I was wholly on her side, ready to support her through her troubles, but her family is awful and I honestly cannot see what it is about Gallagher’s that she finds so special. The family has history there, sure, but what does she actually do all day? None of the family seems to actually interact with the staff in the taproom, or even spend time down there or do anything remotely connected to the business. It is basically just a building – which might as well be an office – and I couldn’t feel the connection she claimed she had with the place.

Carter is different. I totally understood why he wanted to protect what he had built, and not just because it was his last tangible link to his grandmother and family property. The idea of buying the place to pave it over was ridiculous from the start. Not to mention soulless.

I liked Carter and Dinah together. They have great chemistry, although it was a shame that so much of the foundations of their relationship happened in those emails that we don’t get to see anything of. They clearly have a lot in common, even if their methods and outlooks on life are so different. It’s just a shame that the sexy fun side of their relationship fades away to be replaced by arguments and business-related struggles.

The relentless family drama got a bit wearing too, as did Carter’s pessimism. Dinah is working so hard to please so many people and no one is giving her a hand. There were times when I really wondered how this was going to work out, and although the ending does find a solution, I have to admit it seems shaky to me, definitely more of a happy for now rather than forever. Although since my favoured solution at one point was to torch the entire place – preferably with the uncle inside it – this way was probably better.

So overall this was a bit mixed. It started strong but sank a little beneath the weight of drama, and I didn’t particularly like any of the secondary characters. I like this author, but I’m not convinced I want to continue with this series.

So Wrong It Must Be Right is out March 21st.
Visit Nicole Helm for more details.


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