Review: Forbidden to the Playboy Surgeon

Title: Forbidden to the Playboy Surgeon
Author: Fiona Lowe
Series: Paddington Children’s Hospital #2
Genre: Medical Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: 1st April


Unbuttoned—and out of bounds!

Sparks fly from day one between playboy neurosurgeon Alastair North and his talented, sexy trainee surgeon, Claire Mitchell. He’s on a mission to help uber-serious Claire relax, but his cavalier approach is driving her crazy.

Alistair is completely out of bounds, even if he is completely gorgeous—he’s her boss! But when he confronts Claire after a difficult surgery desire overcomes reason. With secrets holding them both back, can they find a way to turn their forbidden passion into for ever?

Source: ARC from Mills and Boon Medical via NetGalley

It’s been ages since I last read a real medical romance and this was a great way to get back into things. A sexy, playboy surgeon and the serious, smart woman who is training under him, a children’s hospital under threat and a boat load of emotional issues to keep everything interesting.

I liked Claire. She’s Australian and smart and has no time for Alistair’s nonsense. She might seem uptight at times, but she has reasons for the way she handles everything and I loved how she dealt with all the challenges life threw at her.

Alistair is a typical brilliant surgeon with a wild side. He lives for the moment, and again he has his reasons for it, but he also has some serious emotional issues that he refuses to face. Until things with Claire force him to, of course.

I liked them together. Not only because they have great chemistry, but because Alistair was so supportive. They’re both excellent at their jobs, and Alistair is secure enough in his skills not to feel threatened by Claire and instead welcome her as a partner. They’re so good together.

As much as I enjoyed the build of their romance, some of the emotional changes towards the end did seem to happen a bit too quick, and one plot point annoyed me with its typical romance-trope convenience. I would also have loved to have known a bit more about the troubles facing the hospital and that one boy in particular that these two are looking after.

Beyond that, though, this was an enjoyable romance with a medical setting, likeable characters and a nice shot of heat. I look forward to reading more from this series.

Forbidden to the Playboy Surgeon is out April 1st.
Visit Fiona Lowe for more details.


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