Review: Lost in You

Title: Lost in You
Author: Jules Bennett
Series: The Monroes #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: 28th March


The only thing that could bring Liam Monroe back to Haven, Georgia, is his loyalty to his late sister–so he s agreed to serve as a chef at the resort his brothers have built in her honor. But he s not staying. At least that s the plan.

Macy Hayward always admired the Monroes. Adopting four kids including the brooding, mysterious Liam they were an example of the loving family she wanted for herself someday. Now, ironically, Macy s got an unexpected new tenant in the apartment above her hardware store: none other than Liam.

Most of Liam s furniture consists of weightlifting equipment, since he has no intention of settling in. He can t wait to run away again, from his brothers and his bitter memories and from Macy, with her relentlessly seductive curves. Still, while he s around, he should do the poor woman a favor and teach her to cook, before she poisons someone

Soon, their sessions in the kitchen are getting spicy. But Macy has roots in Haven, and she wants to plant more, including taking in a little girl who needs a home. Meanwhile, Liam has an opportunity for his own restaurant in Atlanta. Will choosing love mean giving up their separate dreams? Or will the heart find a way?…

Source: ARC from Zebra Books (Kensington) via NetGalley

Liam and Macy are two people in hiding, showing one face to the world while keeping their secrets and emotional wounds inside – it’s just that Macy is much better at it than Liam. While no one has ever suspected that Macy hides a dark secret behind her smiling, serial dating facade, everyone knows Liam is troubled – and the scar on his face doesn’t help.

Yet while Liam might start off this book seeing only the image Macy projects to the world, slowly, surely, as things progress he starts to see the real her, and that’s when everything changes. Because these two hurting people can heal each other, but only if they’re both willing to try.

I loved that about Liam, the way he sets about helping Macy, while at the same time I wanted to smack him on the head for constantly holding back. He’s a very mixed up man and surprisingly stubborn beneath all his woes. Once he gets something in his head, it takes a lot to change his mind, which is why he clings onto certain goals long past the point when he should have realised it was neither what he needed or wanted any more.

Luckily for him, Macy is smarter – stronger too. She’s been through an ordeal and dealt with the grief of losing her mother, while still managing to build a life for herself. I liked her competence and her drive, plus the way she doesn’t play games or hide what she feels. She’s the complete opposite of Liam and is exactly what he needs.

However, as good as things are between them, it takes a while to get there and Liam’s back and forth got rather annoying. Also, as this is the last of the series, it does a great job of tying up any last emotional ends and slowly drags Liam back into the fold of the Monroes’ sometimes strained family dynamics. While this was great for the overall series, it did take the focus away from Liam and Macy quite a bit, leaving everything snarled up in Liam’s angst yet again.

There were times when I wondered why Macy was still willing to try so hard with Liam, and then there were times when I knew precisely why. When they are together and Liam can forget his troubles, they’re perfect.

So in the end I enjoyed this. It’s a satisfying end to the series, filled with likeable characters who I just wanted to be happy. It might not have swept me away quite as much as I’d hoped, but I still liked it and the relief when Liam finally sorted himself out was worth all the angst that went before. In all, a good read. I’ll definitely be looking out for what Jules Bennett writes next.

Lost in You is out March 28th.
Visit Jules Bennett for more details.


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