Review: Stranded with the Secret Billionaire

cover-stranded-with-the-secret-billionaireTitle: Stranded with the Secret Billionaire
Author: Marion Lennox
Series: – –
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: 1st April


Rescued by a brooding stranger…

Jilted heiress Penny Hindmarsh-Firth sets her broken heart on escaping high-society city life. Instead, she’s trapped by floods in the Outback and a handsome stranger on horseback comes to her rescue!

After a betrayal shattered his life, Matt Fraser withdrew from the world–but he can’t deny Penny a refuge. The secret billionaire is reluctantly intrigued as the society princess starts proving there’s more to her than meets the eye…

Source: ARC from Mills and Boon Cherish via NetGalley

This was such a sweet, easy, feel-good read with an ending that left me all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s a small piece of perfect escapism and I thoroughly enjoyed it, right from the start with the flooded pink car and the grumpy rescuer. If you’re looking for something to take you away to another place and leave you with a goofy smile, this will probably do the job.

I loved Penny. She may be rich, drive a pink car and have a fluffy poodle, but there’s so much more to her than her double-barreled name. In fact her family – namely her father and awful step-sister – are horrible and despite all that wealth, all Penny wants is a chance to cook. Which is why she runs to the middle of nowhere after her rat-fink fiancé hooks up with her sister. I loved how she might not have ended up where she planned, but she still knuckles down and gets on with it, because cooking is what she’s good at and she actually has a chance to be appreciated for the first time in her life.

I really liked Matt too. Life has given him a few hard knocks in the emotional department, yet he still has enough heart so see Penny for who she is and appreciate her appropriately. She might not have been what he wanted in his life, but the pair of them are adorable together and I really wanted them to be happy.

Of course, nothing is that simple and there are several spanners loitering around, ready to jump into the works and bring it all to a crashing halt. I did really like how mature the pair of them are about everything. There are no needless dramatics here, no moments of random foolishness to ruin it all. They’re practical and caring and forge on even when their hearts are breaking. Which, for me, made the ending all the sweeter – because they thoroughly deserved all the good things.

Okay, if I’m being a bit picky, once the shearers leave the plot did sort of dally aimlessly about for a little bit before the next set of challenges came along. And I would have loved to have seen a lot more of Matt’s side of things in the second half of the story. Without it, certain moments spring out of nowhere. Yes, it helped with the romantic gestures, but I still would have liked to have seen more Matt.

Overall, though, this was lovely. The romance is sweet and clean, the characters are extremely likeable and it gave me all the good feels at the end. A perfect pick-me-up for less than great days and an excellent way to while away a damp spring night.

Stranded with the Secret Billionaire is out April 1st.
Visit Marion Lennox for more details.


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