Review: Mirror Magic

cover-mirror magicTitle: Mirror Magic
Author: Linda Chapman
Illustrator: Lucy Fleming
Series: Star Friends #1
Age Range: 7+
Available: 6th April


Do you believe in magic?

Maia and her friends do! And when they meet the Star Animals, a whole world of magical adventure unfolds.

When Maia meets Bracken, a fox with indigo eyes, she is amazed at how beautiful and unusual it is. Then she realizes that she can hear the fox speaking to her! Maia and her friends are Star Friends – girls who can use magic to keep the world in harmony.

Maia’s older sister has started acting strangely and the Star Animals sense dark magic at work. Can the girls use their newfound Star Magic to help them put a stop to it?

Perfect for fans of My Secret Unicorn and The Rescue Princesses, and for Rainbow Magic readers looking to move on to a more challenging adventure.

Source: ARC from Little Tiger Press via NetGalley

As a young reader I would have devoured this book. If you know any animal loving little girls, whether they’re big readers or not, there is a high chance they will love this. Magic animals sent from a star realm to find their best human friend, talk to them and teach them magic? I want one. Sign me up. Throw in some beautiful illustrations as well, and there is plenty here for even less confident readers to enjoy.

Maia is an ordinary girl who wants to believe in magic and likes animals. She has a few friendship troubles at school and she misses her recently departed grandmother, but otherwise her life isn’t too exciting. Until she discovers Bracken the talking fox in the woods and learns she has magic of her own. Being a Star Friend isn’t just about magic and animal friends, though, it’s also about stopping bad magic from ruining the world. But first they have to find it.

This is a fun read, packed with magic and delight. I liked that each Star Friend can do something different and I loved how they combined to deal with the bad magic. I also like that Maia isn’t completely perfect and definitely needs to work on her own friendship skills.

In all, this is a great start to the series, which promises magic and adventure as well as talking animals and cute illustrations. Perfect for animal lovers, especially those who still believe in magic.

Mirror Magic is out April 6th.
Visit Linda Chapman and Lucy Fleming for more details.


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