Review: Whatever You Need

cover-whatever you needTitle: Whatever You Need
Author: Barbara Longley
Series: The Haneys #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: 11th April


In the second novel in award-winning author Barbara Longley’s sweet and sexy Haneys series, an introverted electrician rewires a young widow’s apartment—and attempts to mend her heart.

Painfully shy electrician Wyatt Haney is a pro at complex wiring jobs, but when it comes to women, he just can’t seem to make a lasting connection. If he had even half the courage of the superhero he penned for his comic book series, he’d finally be able to talk to his beautiful neighbor, Kayla—and stop hiding behind a hoodie. When an electrical fire breaks out in Kayla’s apartment, Wyatt comes to the rescue, sparking an attraction neither of them expected.

Kayla Malone has had enough surprises. First an unplanned pregnancy at eighteen, then losing her husband in war, and now a fire in her apartment. Thank God her hot neighbor has the skills to help. As Wyatt repairs Kayla’s apartment and forges a relationship with her son, he also makes inroads to her heart. It’s clear that Wyatt has fallen for Kayla, but is she willing to risk another heartbreak—or will she ignore the electricity between them and miss her happy ending?

Source: ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley

I’m a sucker for a shy hero, especially one written properly. I could see so much of myself in Wyatt and couldn’t help empathising with his struggles and cheering whenever he succeeded at anything outside of his comfort zone. Throw in a ridiculously cute kid and I was sold.

I loved Wyatt. Not just because he’s shy and sweet, but because he’s also talented and determined and cares about people. Not only Kayla, but also her gorgeous son, Brady, and everyone else who lives in their building. He is adorable in many ways, with his hoodies and his scars and his shyness, but he’s also a grown up fully capable of taking care of himself and taking charge when needed. He has a great support network in his siblings and family, but I loved that there’s nothing childish about him. He’s a sexy guy who will battle his shyness when necessary. And is amazing with kids. How could I resist?

I liked Kayla too. She’s a single mom who life has knocked around a bit in recent years, but she’s strong enough to keep picking herself up and forging ahead. She’s also an awesome mother, even if she has a lot of insecurity issues. I loved how Wyatt slowly helped her see the good inside herself, as she also gave him an opportunity to open up his shy world. They make an excellent team and with Brady thrown into the mix, I fell in love with the whole family.

Of course it’s not quite that simple. There’s some drama with the building they live in, Kayla has a few of her own personal demons to confront and people do get a little hurt on occasion. But overall, I loved this. It’s sweet and easy, has superheroes and misunderstandings, humour and heat and a really lovely feel to the whole thing. I will definitely be looking out for more from this author.

Whatever You Need is out April 11th.
Visit Barbara Longley for more details.


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