Review: Wytch and Prinze

cover-wytch and prinzeTitle: Wytch and Prinze
Author: Kassandra Lea
Series: – –
Genre: M/M Paranormal
Length: Novella
Available: 19th April


Medium Jacob Wytch lives in the forest with his fluffy dog Gruff and his ghostly fairy godmother Amelie. When he gets a call from his friend Renwick Prinze, he panics. Jacob has been pining for Renwick longer than he cares to admit. Instead of admitting, however, he listens to Amelie and begins to sabotage Renwick’s beds in hopes of inviting his dashing friend to sleep with him.

Source: ARC from Less Than Three Press via NetGalley

The Princess and the Pea isn’t a tale you often see getting a modern twist, and sadly this novella sort of proves why. Because despite there being a lot of cuteness about this short read, the whole sabotaging beds thing is pretty creepy.

Which is a shame because Jacob seems a nice guy and his ghostly godmother Amelie is quite fun. I wish there had been a bit more about Jacob’s medium powers, but for the most part the set up is nice. Except for his shy reluctance to open his heart to Renwick, which is where the bed sabotage comes from.

Renwick seems nice too, but the whole lack of communication between the two men is where this story completely breaks down. There is absolutely no reason why one or other of them wouldn’t have spoken up before all of this, and if Amelie really is a fairy godmother, she does a seriously bad job of things. Of all the ideas in all the world, this is what she comes up with?

So, despite having moments of cuteness and an interesting idea, overall this read was more frustration than fairy tale. I appreciate the attempt to transform one of the less revisited stories, but in this instance, it didn’t work as well as I might have hoped.

Wytch and Prinze is out April 19th.
Visit Kassandra Lea for more details.


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