Review: Emergency Attraction

cover-emergency attractionTitle: Emergency Attraction
Author: Samanthe Beck
Series: Love Emergency #3
Genre: Hot Contemporary
Length: Short novel
Available: 17th April


Ten years ago when Shane Maguire chose the Marines as his escape from some trouble of his own making, he only regretted one thing—leaving Sinclair Smith behind. Despite his best intentions, she ended up as the one that got away. Now he’s back, determined to reclaim everything he gave up, including Sinclair.

Sinclair is immune to Shane’s charms. She’s immune to stolen kisses behind the gym. And she’s definitely immune to that maneuver he did in the back seat of his car… Okay, maybe her hormones are susceptible, but she has absolutely no desire to risk anything on the bad boy who broke all his promises.

When a little emergency lands her at his mercy, he offers her a deal she can’t refuse. And this time, she’ll show Shane what it means to be left wanting…

Source: ARC from Entangled: Brazen via NetGalley

I love a good second chance romance, but I have to admit this one pulled me in deeper than I expected and at first I wasn’t sure whether I’d like it. It’s been ten years since Shane left and it’s instantly clear that Sinclair is not over it. She has her reasons too, which is what made me wary. Shane is focused and determined to get them back on track, despite the long separation, while Sinclair is torn.

Yet, simply and beautifully, Samanthe Beck managed to soothe all my worries with the rare and delightful approach of having her characters talk to each other. A novel idea, and yet it left both characters on the same page from quite early on. No, it didn’t go back and erase all the hurt and pain, but it made sure they understood why and how it all fell apart and allowed them to move forward – without dragging the mystery out for the entire book.

And that’s when I could relax and enjoy this, because Shane is amazing. He didn’t have the best childhood and he didn’t leave town under the nicest of circumstances, but he’s turned himself around and he’s made something of himself. He’s back in town for an excellent reason and now that he’s seen Sinclair again, he isn’t letting go without a fight (and even after a fight, he probably still won’t let go). He’s a tenacious, determined man and his number one goal is Sinclair’s happiness. How could I not fall for that?

Sinclair is determined and focused too, but she’s spent their separation working on her career and ignoring emotions. So when Shane roars back into her life, it’s understandable that she feels like the rug has been swept out from beneath her. The chemistry between them is undeniable, but I loved how Shane drew (and sometimes dragged) deeper emotions and intimacy out of their time together. Sinclair is so strong and stubborn that she never would have got there on her own, but together they make an awesome pair.

Of course it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, even without their past hurts. Things in town aren’t all perfect and it’s all very well for Shane to tell Sinclair to trust him, but after their history he has to prove it too. Which definitely isn’t always an easy feat. But it all fed into their tale of second chances, not just in love, but in a wider context too.

So if you’re looking for a sexy second chance read that’s more than just a lusty reunion, give this a try. It gets emotional at times, but it’s smart too and doesn’t leave either partner guessing for long. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the ending made me smile. Whether you’ve read the other books in this series or not, there’s plenty here to enjoy.

Emergency Attraction is out April 17th.
Visit Samanthe Beck for more details.


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