Review: Racing Storms

cover-racing stormsTitle: Racing Storms
Author: Sara Russell
Series: Chasing Desire #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


Decoursey dreads the upcoming weekend. A big NASCAR race is taking place at the speedway near her home–and her abusive, murder-threatening ex-husband just so happens to be a member of a NASCAR pit crew. Determined not to let her ex-husband have a decent opportunity to make good on his threat, Decoursey puts an ad online, hoping to find some security in the form of a guy needing a place to crash.

Enter Kennan, a storm chaser looking to get away for a few days. Fresh off a failed storm chase, Kennan doesn’t make the best first impression. But that quickly changes as Decoursey gives Kennan a chance and finds the recently broken heart of a gentleman hidden beneath the surface. As sparks fly, so do hopes that they can dream of romance once again. But when their newfound trust is broken, will Decoursey and Kennan weather the storm to find a love that lasts?

Racing Storms, the exciting debut in Sara Russell’s Chasing Desire trilogy, will get your heart pumping all the way to the finish line.

Source: ARC from the author via NetGalley

As a fan of both motorsport and wild weather, this book sounded right up my street. And, for a debut, it certainly has an interesting premise. However, if you’re here for NASCAR, you will be disappointed, but I still found it readable and easy enough to get through. Yet there were also a few things that stretched my credulity quite a bit.

Firstly, since Decoursey is willing to move halfway across the country to get away from her ex, you’d think she’d pick somewhere that didn’t have a speedway right on her doorstep. Secondly, she’s terrified of one guy, so she arranges for a complete stranger to come and stay for the weekend. Yikes! This seemed especially daft, since she has a habit of dwelling on disastrous scenarios at the drop of a hat. Her lack of a freak out until after she’d arranged things with Kennan seemed a bit late for me.

I also wasn’t sure about Decoursey at first. Her fears over her ex-husband were real and terrifying, but aside from that I found her a bit judgemental and picky and not entirely likeable. I’m not sure I really needed to dwell on the pattern she used to make her aprons for so long, but it certainly fit with Decoursey’s character at times – focusing on the little things in order to avoid facing the bigger picture. Thankfully, she either grew on me, improved or just relaxed more as the book went on.

Kennan is okay, though a bit aimless. I’m not sure what I expected from him, but maybe a bit more excitement and weather action.

The two of them seem good together, although they didn’t really talk about their interests much, focusing more on their previous dating history and giving into their attraction. They’re both nice people, but neither was particularly fascinating in their own right.

Of course, the whole book is rather overshadowed by the risk of Decoursey’s ex. Will he show up? When will he show up? What will he do? Will he do anything? Is he even there? I kept expecting him to leap out from behind a bush or appear on the steps or something, which definitely distracted me from anything else going on, because I was waiting, waiting, waiting all the time for something interesting to happen. I also found it hard to get over the fact that Decoursey kept Kennan in the dark about the danger. She wasn’t willing to stay with her friends for fear of risking them, but some random, innocent dude is fair game? Not cool, Decoursey.

So my feelings are a little mixed. I didn’t mind the lack of motorsport, but I would have liked a bit more weather, and while there is a bit of excitement towards the end, most of the book meanders along, with two nice strangers sharing space, getting along and being normal. For the vast majority of the book it’s fairly standard romance fare, just with a speeded up timeline and a couple of strangers coming together with a threat lurking in the background. It’s part suspense, part romance, but didn’t quite deliver on either for me. Having said that, as a debut it definitely shows promise and if you don’t mind love appearing out of nowhere and a bit of suspense in the mix, then you might want to give it a go.

Racing Storms is Out Now.
Visit Sara Russell for more details.


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