Review: Lost and Found

cover-lost and foundTitle: Lost and Found
Author: J. Holland
Series: – –
Genre: F/F Romance/Asexual Romance
Length: Novella
Available: Now


Nerissa has always been fascinated with humans, but when her seal skin goes missing, she’s trapped in human form—which is way more human that she wants to be.

Desperate to find the missing trunk that holds her skin, she winds up at Lorelei’s bakery and soon finds herself drawn to the other woman. Lorelei offers Nerissa a place to stay, and friendship soon turns to further possibilities—until the true whereabouts of the missing seal skin threatens to tear them apart.

Source: ARC from Less Than Three Press via NetGalley

I probably would have enjoyed this more if I hadn’t been so annoyed by Lorelei’s blatant theft at the beginning. Yes, the chest is old, but she notes that the lock isn’t nearly as ancient and takes it home anyway.

Aside from that, I’ve always loved selkies, so it was lovely to have a selkie tale with a F/F romance. To have Nerissa be ace on top of that just added a nice hint of originality to the old tale of a stolen skin.

There is a definite air of innocence and wonder about Nerissa, making it hard to tell how old she is (not helped by the author’s use of ‘girl’ and ‘girls’ throughout) and there were times I worried that her asexuality would prove transitory after getting to know Lorelei better. Thankfully this doesn’t happen, although conversely there were times when I felt like she was taking complete advantage of Lorelei’s loneliness.

Lorelei herself is nice and, acts of theft aside, likeable. She is obviously lonely and has self-esteem issues, but is also kind and generous. I really liked how she never presses Nerissa for more, admits that she doesn’t understand about being ace and is willing to follow Nerissa’s lead when it comes to affection, love and anything more. They’re very cute together.

Overall an original take on a more familiar tale. Theft aside, this was an enjoyable F/F novella with an ace character. True, I would have loved it if normal human Lorelei had been ace rather than the magical selkie girl, but you can’t have everything.

Lost and Found is Out Now.
Visit J. Holland for more details.


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