Review: Quanta Rewind

cover-quanta rewingTitle: Quanta Rewind
Author: Lola Dodge
Series: Shadow Ravens #4
Genre: YA Sci-Fi
Length: Novel
Available: 25th April


With more and more Red Helixes turning up missing or dead, the Shadow Ravens are ready to take their fight to Doctor Nagi himself.

But breaking into Alpha Citadel is no cakewalk, and Quanta isn’t so sure about this whole “teamwork” thing.

If she and the Ravens can’t learn to work together, no amount of rewinding time will save them from the inevitable.

And if the Seligo win, everyone loses.

Source: ARC from Ink Monster via NetGalley

Ah, now this is better. The fourth Shadow Ravens book, and last of the Quanta trilogy, is every bit as fast-paced and thrilling as the first Quanta tale. I found the last one a little disappointing – not enough progress was made and Quanta struggled through most of the book – but this final Quanta-focused story brings it all back together in fine style, with a rescue mission, lots of time ghosts and rewinding, and danger at every turn.

Despite that, the beginning is a little slow to get going. Quanta and Tair are hiding out in the desert with a few of their friends. Well, I say friends, it’s an uneasy alliance at best between three rebels and three Red Helixes, all trying to work out how to survive in an ever-shrinking world as the evil Doctor Nagi slowly closes in on all the Shadow Ravens. But once news comes through that Nagi has taken their loved ones, there’s nothing that will stop Quanta, Tair and co from getting them back.

Which is where these books are at their best. Fast-paced, furious action, high-pressure planning and fierce determination to do what’s best, not just for the individual characters but for the whole world. Quanta is back on top form, using her powers to try and see a way clear in a desperate situation, yet even with her advantages, there are plenty of moments where it’s hard to know how things will go.

Tair also comes to the fore more this time around. He’s not only there to protect Quanta, he’s also desperate to rescue his sister Cassie, which gives both him and Quanta more chances to shine. They remain an incredible team, but they’re not quite as dependent on each other as before – and are much stronger for it.

As for the other characters, I loved seeing more of Devan and getting a glimpse of what she can do. It was great to have Knight and Cipher back as well, even if Cipher didn’t ever get much of a chance to show what she could do. There are also a few interesting and unexpected allies here and there, but outside of Quanta and Tair, and their four travelling companions, the focus of this book is pretty narrow. There’s a rescue mission and not a lot else, it just so happens that the mission might also end up changing the shape of the world.

In all, I thoroughly enjoyed this. Quanta’s tale has been confusing at times, frequently flat out fast and often thrilling, and this third book finishes off her arc in fine style. It may leave you a little breathless, but it won’t leave you too on edge as certain things come to an interesting end. However, while this might technically be the end of Quanta’s tale, it’s clear that the Shadow Ravens still have a lot of work to do. Hopefully this means more Devan in the future – I’ll certainly be keeping my fingers crossed.

Quanta Rewind is out April 25th.
Visit Lola Dodge for more details.


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