Review: Mummy, Nurse… Duchess?

cover-mummy, nurse...duchessTitle: Mummy, Nurse… Duchess?
Author: Kate Hardy
Series: Paddington Children’s Hospital #3
Genre: Medical Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: 1st May


Nurse Rosie Hobbes knows charming men cannot be trusted. Visiting paediatrician, sexy Italian Duke, Dr Leo Marchetti is surely no exception!

Her toddler twins are now the centre of Rosie’s life, and she expects Leo to run a mile when he meets them. Instead his warmth leaves her breathless!

Source: ARC from Mills and Boon Medical via NetGalley

This is another enjoyable visit to Paddington, complete with a couple of cute kids and more than a hint of Cinderella as a hardworking single mother catches the eye of the charming doctor duke. There’s a bit of glitz and glamour thrown in, plus a hint of suspense, all combining into a decent romantic escape.

I liked both Rosie and Leo. They don’t start off particularly well, but I liked that they’re both fair enough to give each other second chances. Plus, Leo is absolutely adorable with the twins. The romance is pretty fast moving, but it worked within the story.

Away from these two, it was nice to be back at the Castle again and see more of young Penny. It might have been nice to have had a bit more about the closure and what people are doing to stop it, plus a bit more actual medical stuff, but the trip to Italy and the following drama sort of overwhelmed all of that.

So overall I enjoyed this. It has romance, a bit of medical and a slice of Italian sunshine to make for an easy escape. I look forward to seeing where life at the Castle heads next.

Mummy, Nurse… Duchess? is out May 1st.
Visit Kate Hardy for more details.


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