Review: The Chocolate Touch

cover-chocolate touchTitle: The Chocolate Touch
Author: Melissa McClone
Series: Love at the Chocolate Shop #8
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: 4th May


Chocolate expert Chantelle Cummings arrives in Marietta, Montana with two goals—sign copies of her new book and research a quaint local chocolate shop. When she meets a gorgeous guy passing out chocolate samples, her visit turns sweeter than she ever imagined. The man melts her heart, but her dream of working in France with her family makes her hesitant to pursue a romance.

Former Air Force captain York Parker has one month before embarking upon a consulting career. He never expected to be selling chocolates, but he’s happy to help his sister and her boss. He also likes spending time with sassy, pretty Chantelle. His new co-worker may have the chocolate touch, but he’d rather taste her decadent kisses… That is, until he learns the real reason she’s in town.

Will the truth harden his heart, or will love pave the way to a sweet future?

Source: ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley

While this was another sweet and enjoyable trip to Marietta’s chocolate shop, I found it okay rather than amazing. The characters are nice, it’s always great to be back in Marietta, but the plot itself never quite took off like I’d hoped.

We’ve already met York’s sisters – Dakota and Nevada – in earlier books from this series, so it was nice to catch up with big brother and see his caring role in action. He’s protective without being suffocating and genuinely cares for the people in his life. He’s nice.

Chantelle is also nice, building a reputation for herself and gaining experience in the chocolate industry with the hopes of working for her family one day soon. Her need for family and to belong made her sympathetic, but at the same time her complete failure to see that hiding her name was a bad thing didn’t make me like her much. I also expected something more to come from her family. It seemed like such an important part of everything all the way through that by the end I felt a bit disappointed.

So overall I found this okay. It’s a light, easy read that’s enjoyable enough, but didn’t leave much of an impression on me. If you like Marietta and this series in particular, then you’ll probably enjoy this. It’s undemanding if a little underwhelming, but sometimes that’s all a good read needs.

The Chocolate Touch is out May 4th.
Visit Melissa McClone for more details.


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