Review: Theron

cover-theron.jpgTitle: Theron
Author: Anna Hackett
Series: Hell Squad #12
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


Squad mates, best friends, and fighting to survive in the middle of an alien invasion. Can she make one stubborn alpha male soldier see her as something else?

Sienna Rossi has always been a mix of contradictions. She loves ice cream, likes cooking, and is skilled at taking down aliens with her squad. Sweet and tough, soldier and woman, most people can’t seem to make sense of her…even the loving family she lost in the invasion and especially men. One man accepts her as she is, her best friend Theron. But the big, silent, muscled soldier has her firmly in the ‘friends’ zone…except that Sienna knows he wants her, and she’s determined to claim the stubborn man as hers.

Theron Wade lives to fight aliens. They killed his parents, his foster siblings, and his fellow Rangers. Now he has a new team–the tough, mostly-female Squad Nine. But one certain female haunts his dreams and stars in his darkest fantasies. Sienna is his sunshine in the darkness. He wants to her to be happy…and he knows that would never be with a man like him. A man with darker, rougher tastes that would shock her.

As Squad Nine works to track and destroy a dangerous alien device, best friends collide. Theron introduces Sienna to a world of rough, edgy passion that she craves. But as a mission goes off track, the two of them will risk everything for love, for their lives, and to save the world.

Note to readers: This sci fi romance contains a lot of action (think climbing shattered skyscrapers and daring rescue missions), tough warriors (the kickass ladies of Squad Nine and the badasses of Hell Squad) and a steamy romance (lots of edgy sexy times between a quiet, stubborn soldier and his tenacious best friend). So if you like it fast, and gritty, and sexy, this is for you!

Source: ARC provided by the author

I’ve said it before, but I still mean it – it’s so good to be back with the Hell Squad again! I love this series, I love the wide range of characters, the depth and complexity of the set up, the aliens and the invasion, and I love that we get to explore more of it with each story. And this time around is no different. We have a big tough hero, a sweet-seeming heroine who is more than capable of taking care of herself, some high-risk adventures and a friends-to-lovers romance, all tied up in a action-packed package.

I liked both Theron and Sienna and I especially enjoyed their friendship. They’re total opposites when it comes to looks – he’s big and broad, she’s small and dainty – but they make a great team and are genuine friends before the attraction kicks in. He may be quiet and broody, while she’s more friendly and outgoing, but they understand each other in a way that made it believable for more to work between them.

Having said that, the way Theron tries to drive Sienna away is just plain mean at times. Yes, he has issues (doesn’t everyone, especially after this invasion) and thinks he isn’t good enough for her, but some of his push-backs are harsh. Still, Sienna is strong and determined, despite her appearance, so she knows how to bring him around.

Speaking of – their shared kink won’t be for everyone. Theron is strong and dominant and likes to be in control in bed. Fine. He says he’s not into BDSM or any of that, then gives Sienna a safe word. Which seemed a bit contradictory. Then Sienna instantly and instinctively knew that meant fake struggling and pretend non-consent. Which, firstly, isn’t my thing, but secondly, should probably have been something they talked about. I know they’re really good friends and all, but this level of understanding wasn’t particularly believable. Bossy and controlling in bed is one thing, captive fantasy is quite another.

A bit like some of the action. I mean it’s great and all and definitely heart-in-mouth as Squad Nine go up against the aliens, but some of the stunts were a bit far-fetched. Still great and action-packed and all, but encroaching on daft occasionally. The new twist on the aliens’ plans, though, was very much in keeping with the series and added a new level of horror to it all.

Throw in more from the crazy Beserker Squad, promising plenty of danger and hijinks in the future, and I found this another thoroughly enjoyable addition to this series. It didn’t all work for me, but I still liked it a lot. Can’t wait to read all about Hemi soon.

Theron is Out Now.
Visit Anna Hackett for more details.


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