Review: Need You Now

cover-need you nowTitle: Need You Now
Author: Nicole Helm
Series: Mile High #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: 30th May


He’s mountain-tough. She’s city-smart. The sparks are about to fly . . .
Only the most resilient of souls could breathe new life into an all-but-forgotten town nestled in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains but what they get in return might be worth the heartache it takes to make it happen . . .

Gracely, Colorado, was once a booming mining town. No one knows that better than Brandon Evans. His father s company kept the town thriving for years until Brandon threatened to expose his illegal practices and drove him away. Everyone blames Brandon and his brother for turning Gracely into a ghost town but the tenacious residents cling to a long-held legend about the land’s healing powers. And Brandon has a plan to spin that legend into reality . . .

Lilly Preston took a leap of faith and moved to Gracely a year ago to save her nephew from an abusive situation. She would do anything for him, even sacrifice her glamorous job. Reluctantly, the former PR hot shot takes a job at the ruggedly handsome Evans brothers Mile High Adventures, a company offering restorative Rocky Mountain vacations.

Brandon thinks PR is pointless, and Lilly knows less than nothing about the outdoors. Which is exactly why they need each other in ways neither ever imagined . . .

Source: ARC from Zebra (Kensington) via NetGalley

There’s plenty to like in this first of a brand new series from Nicole Helm, with some beautiful scenery, fun characters and an antagonistic romance between our grumpy hero and determined heroine, but it’s also really frustrating. Just what was Brandon’s father up to? Why has Brandon never told the town the truth? What do the residents think he did? And what’s happening with the waitress? These are important questions, and none of them are fully addressed. Which definitely annoyed me.

Kind of like the swerve things took towards the end. It was predictable but unnecessary and led to some really annoying – and quite nasty – behaviour from Lilly.

Which is a shame, because when it’s just Brandon and Lilly together, exploring the mountain, arguing over PR, flirting or scowling, I really enjoyed this. They’re both difficult characters at times with a whole heap of daddy issues, but they’re protective and caring too. There’s a definite spark between them and I loved the way she fits in with the strange Mile High Adventures crew.

Brandon’s issues are front and centre from the start (even if we don’t get full details), while it takes a while for Lilly’s to kick in. But when they do… oh, boy, she may be ever-so-slightly irrational. These two have a lot of work to do and not just to turn the town around.

In all, I liked this, but it felt kind of unfinished. Yes, this is the start of the series, but not even the romance felt completely tied up by the end. It’s a good start and I definitely want to know what happens next, but a few more answers in this book might have been nice and a less abrupt ending would have been good too. Still, the next one promises to tackle at least one unfinished issue, so I look forward to another Mile High adventure sometime soon.

Need You Now is out May 30th.
Visit Nicole Helm for more details.


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