Review: House Rules

cover-house rulesTitle: House Rules
Author: Cathryn Fox
Series: Dossier #2
Genre: Erotic Romance
Length: Novella
Available: 5th June


The last thing I expected to find in my dossier was sexy stockings, a plane voucher to London and an invitation to dance at a gentleman’s club. I’m a quiet museum curator for God’s sake. No way, no how am I going to slide down a pole for a bunch of over privileged, narcissistic men—until I see Sean Fraser, my childhood crush, enter the establishment. Since I’m no longer that overweight teen with braces and mousey hair, there is no way he’ll recognize me. Hmmm… Maybe I’ll give him a fake name—and a private dance. That ought to make him finally notice me, right?

What the hell is Kennedy Lane doing sliding down a pole in a private Gentlemen’s club? I’m not sure, and while I know she’s hands off, I want her. I’ve always wanted her. She might have been too young for me back in the day. Now, not so much. Hands off leads to hands on after a private dance, and while Kennedy spends the weekend pretending to be someone she isn’t, I know full well who she is. And I’m not quite ready to let her hang up her stockings when the show is over.

Source: ARC provided by Entangled: Brazen

If you’re looking for a short, sexy read that doesn’t worry too much about believability, then this could be for you. It’s pure sexy fantasy, with a teenage crush coming true over a dirty weekend in London. It’s quick and hot and enjoyable, especially if you don’t think too deeply about it.

Trading first person POV between the characters, Kennedy is a slightly repressed woman daring to step outside of her comfort zone if it gives her a shot with the guy she’s always wanted. While Sean’s a bit of a playboy who has long denied his attraction to his younger sister’s best friend, but when she sashays into his business trip, he can’t resist seeing how far her sexy deception will go.

What follows is quite a lot of sex – in which Sean’s powers of recovery are pretty miraculous – a lot of dirty talk, which (slightly disappointingly) tended to be hotter than the actual action, a fake fiancée evening, a lot of fast-moving feelings and a conflict that was ridiculously overblown.

I still liked it, even if I didn’t love it. Overall, it’s sexy and fun and quick. It’s not too deep and kind of unlikely in many ways, but still enjoyable if you’re looking for something hot and undemanding to entertain you for a few hours.

House Rules is out June 5th.
Visit Cathryn Fox for more details/


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