Review: Long Hot Summer

cover-long hot summerTitle: Long Hot Summer
Author: Victoria Purman
Series: Hot Aussie Knights #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


It’s going to be a long, hot summer in Reynolds Ridge…

Hannie Reynolds has returned to the town she grew up in because no other place feels quite like home. But living in the stunning Adelaide Hills comes with risks–from the threat of bushfires that destroy everything in their path to the heart-stopping return of her high school crush.

Firefighter Dylan Knight has come home too, and old memories flare when he sees Hannie again. Have they waited too long to rekindle their love?

When they discover they were driven apart by a lie, they’re more determined than ever to fight for their second chance… until a bushfire threatens to destroy all they might share together and the very foundations of Hannie’s life in the hills.

Has she lost everything … and has Dylan lost her forever?

Source: ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley

This one didn’t really win me over and I’m not sure why. It has lots of things that I should love – gorgeous landscapes, characters who actually do their jobs, a cute dog and a mix of second chance and teenage crushes finally coming true. For the most part I even enjoyed it, but I never loved it.

Part of that is because I didn’t quite get Dylan’s feelings for Hannie. When he was a teenager she kicked a ball and that was it, he was done… for the rest of his life. Except he kept dating her cousin until just before he left, when he realised he’d rather spend his life with Hannie – at eighteen. It just didn’t make much sense to me, and since those old feelings were what their adult attraction was based on, I would have liked a bit more.

Hannie’s attraction was much clearer, for both teen Dylan and the adult version. What annoyed me about her was the way she put up with her cousin’s petty manipulations. She felt guilt for all those years, but it’s not like she’d been close to her cousin before, so she knew what she was like. I just wanted her to grow a spine and not let her get away with everything.

Then came the big drama, which had been building all book. While it was firmly grounded in the reality of who they both were and what was happening, it also felt a bit flat. I wanted more drama after such a big build up. I needed a big romantic moment. Instead it was kind of normal.

So overall I found this okay. It’s enjoyable enough, but didn’t quite deliver on the drama I hoped for.

Long Hot Summer is Out Now.
Visit Victoria Purman for more details.


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