Review: Draakenwood

cover-draakenwoodTitle: Draakenwood
Author: Jordan L. Hawk
Series: Whyborne and Griffin #9
Genre: M/M Historical Paranormal
Length: Novel
Available: Now


Someone is killing members of the old families…and the evidence points to Whyborne.

Widdershins has been unusually quiet for months. But now a mysterious creature from the Outside is on the loose, assassinating members of the town’s old families by draining their blood. Whyborne and Griffin set out to solve the mystery—but as the evidence piles up, the police begin to suspect Whyborne himself is the murderer.

Now Whyborne must both clear his name and stop the horrors the monster threatens to unleash. His only hope: an alliance with his old enemies the Endicotts.

Because something terrible lurks in the Draakenwood, and it will stop at nothing to seize control of the maelstrom itself.

Draakenwood is the ninth book in the Whyborne & Griffin series, where magic, mystery, and m/m romance collide with Victorian era America.

Source: Bought it

My favourite mystery-solving, magical men are back, along with their assorted friends and relatives, as the “horrible murder town” of Widdershins is once more under attack. Ghastly monsters, creepy crypts, ambitious policemen and a menacing forest all provide the Gothic-tinged action I’ve come to know and love from this series.

There was a lot to love about this book, and not just because I had to wait for it. The humour is present and correct, poor Ival is struggling once more to cope with invasions of modernity (a telephone!), while Griffin rejoices in progress. There’s also a lot of fun to be had with Persephone tweaking her oblivious brother’s nose and it’s always a joy to see Mr Quinn and the librarians in action.

I also love how Ival and Griffin continue to evolve as a team, now with added magic, and how strong their relationship remains despite outside pressures. Then there’s the slowly shifting relationship between Ival and his father, which can be emotional one moment, hilarious the next. I love seeing that progress.

However, Christine wasn’t as much of a powerful presence as I always hope, and there were times when I wanted to shake Iskander. Sometimes that man does not deserve the awesomeness that is his wife. There’s also at least one moment where I wanted to shout at them all for missing the obvious – but there’s usually at least one moment of dimwittedness that coincides with the plot, so I should be used to it by now.

I was also a bit sad that the Draakenwood itself didn’t play more of a role. That place has been a dark menace lurking in the background since the first book, but though the peril remains high in this book, I expected more from the actual wood.

Those minor niggles aside, it was great to be back in this world. The mystery and action combined with the beloved characters to further enhance this fabulous series. It also opened up a few new avenues that I can’t wait for them to explore. I guess my only real complaint is that now I have to go back to waiting again.

Draakenwood is Out Now.
Visit Jordan L. Hawk for more details.


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