Review: The Root of All Evil

cover-root of all evilTitle: The Root of All Evil
Author: Hacker Murphy
Illustrator: Lucie Ebrey
Series: Creeper Files #1
Age Range: 9+
Available: Now


EXCLUSIVE: Investigator Hacker Murphy makes Creeper Files, detailing the nefarious activities of the most evil man/plant ever known, available for the first time.

There’s evil on the loose. Jake’s dog knows there’s a problem: why won’t he go into the garden on his own? Jake’s friends know there’s a problem: who’s the strange figure lurking in their garden? Jake knows there’s a problem: what is the terrifying viney creature he is running away from?! Jake’s mum has no idea there’s a problem: she’s a grown-up, you know what they’re like.

You’ll never look at a potato in the same way again …Perfect for fans of Doctor Who and Scooby Doo.

Source: Review copy from Oxford University Press via Amazon Vine

This book was so much fun throughout, with a cheesy local newspaper article, plant names, potato puns, hilarious action and a bit of starchy peril, all rounded off with a trio of great characters. This book is perfect for young readers who like a little excitement and have a good sense of humour. Plus the lively, funny illustrations from Lucy Ebrey will also help younger or less confident readers along.

Our main hero, Jake, is an ordinary kind of boy. He’s not super smart or overly sporty, he’s just normal – until someone starts ransacking the neighbourhood’s flowerbeds and strange things start happening at school. Helping (and hindering him along) are his best friends, twins Liam and Sarah. I loved how smart and brave Sarah was. Liam is the opposite of Sarah, but I loved how they turned traditional views of girls and boys on their heads. Liam is fun, but Sarah is great, while Jake lands somewhere in the middle.

The action is pretty fast-paced, the mystery is nicely drawn out and the finale is thrilling. There’s plenty here to keep readers engaged, male or female, regardless of age. You really will never look at a spud the same way again.

The Root of All Evil is Out Now!
Visit The Creeper Files for more details.


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