Review: Falling for the Single Dad

cover-falling for the single dadTitle: Falling for the Single Dad
Author: Emily Forbes
Series: Hollywood Hills Clinic #2/Single Dad Romance
Genre: Medical Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


A place where she belongs… 

Since returning from Afghanistan ex-army doc Abi Thompson has been striving to rebuild her life. Now, stepping through the doors of the glamorous Hollywood Hills Clinic, she feels more out of her comfort zone than ever! 

Then she meets her new boss—darkly handsome Damien Moore. Abi might not believe in happy-ever-afters, but as she spends time with Damien and his gorgeous daughter, Summer, she finds herself drawn into their loving family unit…and into Damien’s arms! Has Abi found happiness against all odds?

Source: Review copy from Mills and Boon via NetGalley

Reissued with a new cover as part of the Single Dad Romance line, this book has been taken from the Hollywood Hills multi-author series, but stands alone perfectly well. As a medical romance it focuses more on the romance than the medical aspect, so if you’re looking for an easy romantic read with hot doctors and a glamorously vague background, but not much gore or jargon, then this definitely fits the bill. Especially if you like cute kids, gorgeous working dogs and a dad devoted to his young daughter.

I liked it, particularly when it came to Abi’s PTSD and how it was portrayed. She has a lot of issues, starting with her childhood, and it was interesting to see how all of her emotions had combined over time to make her the person she is in this book. I also admired her strength in trying to rebuild her life. And I loved Jonty, her assistance dog. He was a real gem.

I wasn’t sure about Damien at first. He’s very abrupt and standoffish, but he does relax as the book progresses and it was hard to resist a guy who loves his daughter as much as he does. Or who welcomes Abi so fully into their lives, wanting to help her rather than pushing her away for whatever reasons. They make an adorable family and there are lots of warm and fuzzy moments, even when things don’t always go according to plan.

Admittedly, I wasn’t entirely sure certain aspects of their relationship seemed entirely healthy – Damien has a white knight complex, which he readily acknowledges, and needs almost desperately to feel needed. Luckily Abi is very much in need, but over time that might change, and then what? Does he look for someone else to save, or will she and their life still be enough for him? I mean the story is still cute and I’m definitely thinking about it too deeply, but… well.

If you can put that issue aside, however, this is a cute, fairly undemanding read. Abi does have serious issues to deal with, but it’s never done in a heavy or overly emotional way. It has cute moments, sweet moments, sad ones and even a bit of sexiness, but overall it provided an enjoyable evening’s escape, which was just what I wanted.

Falling for the Single Dad is Out Now.
Visit Emily Forbes for more information.


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