Review: Hot-Shot Doc, Secret Dad

cover-hot-shot doc secret dadTitle: Hot-Shot Doc, Secret Dad
Author: Lynne Marshall
Series: Cowboys, Doctors… Daddies #1/Single Dad Romance
Genre: Medical Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


Nurse Julie Sterling risks everything to return to the hometown she left, heartbroken and pregnant – it will give her son stability. But her new boss, Trevor Montgomery, is also her son’s father! He’s never forgotten his one night with Julie, and now he’s a dad! Can he convince her that he wants to be part of her life… for ever?

Cowboys, Doctors… Daddies! The Montgomery brothers – from bachelors to dads!

Source: Review copy from Mills and Boon via NetGalley

This previously released medical romance has been repackaged with a sexy cover to fit in with the Single Dad Romance line, but it remains the same as it was in the Cowboys, Doctors… Daddies duology. It also stands alone perfectly well and the title makes it pretty clear that this is a medical romance.

Curiously, though, it’s not actually about a single dad. Julie fell pregnant at seventeen after a one-night stand and hasn’t been seen in town since. Now she’s back and has to confront the father of her child, while also applying for a job at his medical practice. Which is quite a lot for Trevor to take in on their first meeting after thirteen years. Since their son, James, is actually away at military school for most of the book, he doesn’t get to do much parenting at all, let alone on his own.

But that’s a minor quibble in what is otherwise an enjoyable secret dad story. Julie has done her best by her boy and clearly loves him very much, while Trevor takes things as well as he can. I loved how much he tries throughout this book – to deal with his emotions, to prove to Julie how much he cares, to show how much he wants to be in James’ life and how good they could all be together as a family. He tries so hard throughout that at times it’s easy to understand why Julie is a little sceptical about his perfection. The guy can barely do anything wrong – this time around.

Julie too has a lot to work through – trust issues, mostly, but also feelings of guilt and love as well as a little fear and a touch of reluctance. I wish her hesitation to tell James the truth had been explored a little more and her slightly selfish (if completely understandable) fears of what she might lose or how she might be blamed could have been talked through.

I would also have liked to have seen a bit more Trevor/James time and some more stuff between Trevor and his dad. We only really get fleeting glimpses of both, which I thought was a shame.

Still, overall this is easy and enjoyable. There’s a bit of angst but not too much, there are some emotions but they’re never too heavy, and there’s also some heat and drama to keep things interesting. Plus Trevor’s a hot cowboy doctor, which ticks so many boxes it’s hard not to like the guy. So while it might not quite fit the single dad mould, it still made for a good read.

Hot-Shot Doc, Secret Dad is Out Now.
Visit Lynne Marshall for more details.


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