Review: Meet Me at the Lighthouse

cover-meet me at the lighthouseTitle: Meet Me at the Lighthouse
Author: Mary Jayne Baker
Series: – –
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Women’s Fiction
Length: Novel
Available: 30th June


‘The day I turned 28, I bought a lighthouse and met the love of my life’

Bobbie Hannigan’s life in a cottage by the sea with her dog and her twin sister is perfectly fine … until she decides the logical thing is to buy a lighthouse and open a music venue with Ross Mason, the first boy she ever kissed.

Bobbie tries to be professional with Ross, but the happily-ever-after they’re working toward is too good to resist. That is until someone from his past crawls back to cause trouble. Can Bobbie look past the secrets Ross has been keeping from her? Or will the boy, the lighthouse and the dream all slip away?

Escape to the Yorkshire coast this summer with this laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from Mary Jayne Baker!

Source: ARC from HarperImpulse via NetGalley

What a perfect summer read this is, packed with fun, a touch of whimsy and plenty of Yorkshire charm, not to mention a lighthouse and a partnership based on tequila and 50p. I really enjoyed it.

Our heroine Bobbie is known for having impulsive moments, so it’s not too surprising that when she’s out walking her dog on the grey morning of her birthday she somehow ends up owning a derelict lighthouse. The fact that it’s being sold by a gorgeous former school mate who was also her first kiss has nothing to do with it… well, almost nothing. Plus she was bored and looking for something to liven up her life anyway.

And that’s part of the charm of this book. It’s a little bit whimsical and feels far-fetched on the surface, but there’s also a fair bit of sense beyond the madness and a thread of romance (and romanticism) running through the lot. Bobbie is a great mix of impulse and drive, pushing Ross to follow his dream and building one of her own in the process. They have real work to do, applying for grants and raising funds, battling councilmen with their own agendas and sorting through their feelings for each other, while also being surrounded by Bobbie’s fantastic family and friends.

I really liked both Bobbie and Ross. They make an incredible team, supporting each other when they really need it, keeping each other constantly moving forward and forging a friendship and partnership that can only be enhanced by more. Of course it’s not all sunshine, rainbows and glorious lighthouses. Bobbie has a few issues and troubles, and both she and Ross have past relationships that threaten to ruin everything, but I loved that they could talk to each other. Ross doesn’t give up easily either, so even when Bobbie shows a slightly immature habit of running away, he’s smart enough to chase her.

If you’re looking for a summer read that will keep you smiling throughout, has characters that are full of life, a romance that is sigh-worthy and amusing at the same time, plus a musical lighthouse, try this. It’s easy and enjoyable and a great escape, all grounded in a sturdy Yorkshire accent. I can’t wait to see what Mary Jayne Baker comes up with next.

Meet Me at the Lighthouse is out June 30th.
Visit Mary Jayne Baker for more details.


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