Review: …A Deadly Case of Murder

cover-a deadly case of murderTitle: Goodly and Grave in A Deadly Case of Murder
Author: Justine Windsor
Illustrator: Becka Moor
Series: Goodly and Grave #2
Age Range: 9+
Available: 27th July


The second page-turning adventure in this sharp-witted, magical mystery series

When reports come in that valuable magical objects are being stolen, Goodly and Grave are on the case, but just when they think they know whodunit their prime suspect turns up – murdered! Will Lucy be able to track the real villain without putting herself in deadly danger?

Source: ARC provided by HarperCollins Children’s Books via NetGalley

The unlike duo of Goodly and Grave are back, and this time it’s murder! Yes, after just about surviving her first adventure, boot-girl Lucy is improving her magic and getting to know the magicians around her, while also investigating grave robberies, magical break-ins and murders most foul with the occasional help of her boss and mentor, Lord Grave.

The mystery is the main focus of the book this time, leaving the magic sadly a little more in the background. As Lucy is no longer a stranger to this world, she still feels a bit of wonder occasionally, but mostly she’s exploring her own abilities and collecting clues. There is still plenty of magic to enjoy, so it’s still fun, but there’s less everyday silliness of the sort that made me love the first book. Instead we learn a bit more about the bad magicians that Lord Grave and his friends are out to stop.

With more quirky illustrations from Becka Moor and the occasional fun newspaper article (complete with Flesh Eating Zombie theories), this is still an enjoyable, entertaining read that’s perfect for lovers of both magic and mystery. If you liked the first adventure, you’ll like this. I can’t wait to see what Lucy tackles next.

Goodly and Grave in a Deadly Case of Murder is 27th July.
Visit Justine Windsor or Becka Moor for more details.


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