Review: Saved by the Single Dad

cover-saved by the single dadTitle: Saved by the Single Dad
Author: Annie Claydon
Series: Stranded in His Arms #2/Single Dad Romance
Genre: Medical Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


The stranger who stole her heart!

When paramedic Jack Halliday is saved from a flood by red-haired beauty Cassandra Clarke, the chemistry between them explodes. And whilst he’ll always put his daughter Ellie first, Jack can’t help longing to save Cass back…

Meeting single dad Jack awakens too many cravings in firefighter Cass, who’s accepted she’ll never have a baby of her own. But when this man—and his adorable daughter—invite her to share their house, Cass begins to feel she’s found her home!

Source: Review copy from Mills and Boon via NetGalley

Another re-release in the M&B Single Dad Romance line, putting a new cover on an old book – in this case a Medical Romance from the Stranded in His Arms series. It stands alone well, although the epilogue is sadly missing some funny stuff that must have happened in the first book. Away from that, though, this is an easy read with a hint of medical stuff, a bit of romance and lots and lots of drama.

I loved the drama. From the beginning where Jack is almost swept away, through several exciting medical rescues, this book isn’t lacking in action. The flood helps contain everything to a small area, raising the risk factor and keeping things interesting.

I also really loved Jack. He’s dedicated to his job as a paramedic, but also adores his daughter Ellie. He’s also kind and patient, caring and strong. He’s kind of perfect, really. His only issue arises from the early loss of his father, and even that’s pretty minor against all his other great points.

Cass has a lot more issues, mainly because her pain is more recent and she’s still heart sore. She’s also brave and dedicated, plus super competent. I liked her, but I didn’t love her. Partly because of her stubbornness, but also because there are a few moments where she acts a bit over the top, all things considered.

And that’s why I didn’t love this book. As great as the action drama is, the romance drama didn’t work as well for me. I felt like a few steps were missed at times, especially when their attraction suddenly bursts into flames. I like both characters and they make a great team, but there wasn’t much romance in their relationship. It’s all pretty easy, except for the obvious drama, and it didn’t draw me in as much as I’d hoped.

Overall I liked this but didn’t love it. Jack is lovely and Ellie is a real cutie. Cass makes a good strong heroine, though I’d rather have seen more of her at work rather than stubbornly ploughing through her vulnerabilities. If you like medical romances without any doctors or nurses, but plenty of life-saving action that make for quick, easy reads, then give this a go.

Saved by the Single Dad is Out Now.
Visit Annie Claydon for more details.


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