Review: Tempest

cover-tempestTitle: Tempest
Author: Anna Hackett
Series: Warriors of the Wind #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Available: Now


The Warriors of the Wind are the only thing protecting humans from a centuries-old evil, but with their potential mates, the Aurae, long gone, these alpha warriors are in danger of becoming the very evil they hunt.

Note: Re-release. Tempest contains one short, sexy novella. It is a re-released story originally published as Wind Kissed, Fire Bound. The story has been completely overhauled and characters changed. It has new scenes and/or extended scenes added.

One of five brothers granted the power of the wind, Lorenzo Venti is Keeper of the Winds. A loner at heart, he’s fine that his duty to keep the evil Tempest Winds trapped on their island prison, keeps him isolated and alone. After seeing his father murdered by the Winds, he’s made an oath to keep them locked away. Besides, he prefers his work with his horses to annoying people anyway. But his powerful foes are rising, and when one infuriating, tempting woman arrives on his island, she threatens everything…

Bright, vivacious horse trainer Riley Donovan is drawn to big, brooding loner Lorenzo, and she’s planning to chase down the stubborn man once and for all. She knows he has demons, and it makes her own powers stir–powers she vowed never to use again when her mother was killed. But as their scorching attraction explodes, they find themselves in the center of a dangerous tempest…and now the fates of both their world and their hearts hang in the balance.

Source: ARC provided by the author

As a fan of Anna Hackett, I’ve long been curious about this old series of hers, so I was happy to hear it was being re-released. I’ve also always loved the personification of the directional winds, so the idea of five brothers being in charge of them definitely piqued my interest.

However, this book didn’t really work for me. Part of it is the set up, which could have had the magic elements removed and come straight out of a M&B/HQN set up (well, they were the original publishers), with the rich Italian man living on his own island and the woman sent to work with him, striking sparks off each other as they resist (or don’t) their shared attraction. Not that there’s anything wrong with that kind of book, because I’ve read mountains of them, but if not you’re not really interested in Alphahole heroes who justify their behaviour because of a tragic past, then this probably won’t be for you either.

Aside from that set up, I also didn’t really like either character. Lorenzo is all brooding alpha, using his powers to keep his emotions at bay, while Riley is just plain pushy. She’s fiery and argumentative, and revels in testing Lorenzo’s control. She’s as much an alphahole as he is, using her powers in quite frankly invasive ways, and their relationship is pure lust – which he is trying to ignore, but she won’t let him.

The wider plot was more interesting and the action definitely improved towards the end. But it’s a short read with a lot to do and most of it didn’t really work for me. The characters didn’t interest me, the mythology did but was only briefly skimmed, and to be honest if this wasn’t an Anna Hackett book I wouldn’t have even finished it. However, if you like your paranormal romances to be quick, easy, lust-filled reads with more than a touch of contemporary Italian billionaire hero antagonised by a plucky, stubborn heroine, and aren’t too bothered with deeper world-building, character development details, then you’ll probably like it well enough.

Tempest is Out Now.
Visit Anna Hackett for more details.


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