Review: Cattail Ridge

cover-cattail ridgeTitle: Cattail Ridge
Author: T.L. Haddix
Series: Firefly Hollow #4
Genre: Romance (1990s)
Length: Novel
Available: Now


After a cutting betrayal by the father of her child, Emma Campbell swore off men. Convinced she’d never find the kind of love her parents had, Emma devoted her life to raising her daughter and building her business. Surrounded by a close-knit family who loved her, she ignored her loneliness. Until the day family friend Archer Gibson kissed her.

Archer had been in love with Emma since the first day he’d laid eyes on her five years ago. He’d never acted on that love, not feeling worthy of Emma’s attention, but now that he’d made some changes in his life, he was ready to go after what he wanted most–a place in her life and in her heart. His biggest obstacle? Convincing Emma they both deserved a chance at happiness.

“Cattail Ridge” is the fourth book in the “Firefly Hollow” series. Set in Appalachia, the series follows the Campbell family from generation to generation.

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I always love catching up with the Campbell family, and since I seem to be reading the whole series out of order, it’s always lovely to fill in the gaps. And this was an important one, since Emma might be the only Campbell without any special abilities, but she’s still quite a force. Plus it introduced me to Archer and Sydney, both well worth knowing in their own right.

I love Archer. He’s a wonderful guy, someone who has been through some really rough times and lost practically everything, yet is still kind and generous and so unbelievably patient. The way he slowly pursues Emma is all kinds of adorable and I loved every scene between him and Sydney, Emma’s daughter. I also really enjoyed his friendship with Pip, the youngest Campbell sibling, and it was fun to see the seeds planted for her story, which comes next.

Emma… There were times when I liked her and others where I wanted to shake some sense into her. Yes, I know she was hurt by what happened with Sydney’s father, yes, she has understandable trust issues, but really when you compare it to what Archer went through, she’s fine. I hated the way she treated him in the second half of the book and there were plenty of times when she clearly didn’t deserve him. If it wasn’t for his amazing bond with Sydney I’d have wanted him as far away from Emma as possible.

But I also wanted Archer and Sydney to be happy, so I guess I can live with how things turned out.

Not that this book is just about them, because no Firefly Hollow book is complete without sharing the family drama. Which is probably just as well, because by halfway I was wondering what else could possibly fill the rest of the pages, since it was clear Emma and Archer were well on the way to a HEA (and then Emma irritated me). So along with the romance we also catch up with plenty of the family with some shared drama, some much needed wisdom and plenty of fun too.

I love reading about this family, so I didn’t mind widening the focus away from the main couple, but if you’re new to this series you may get a little confused about who’s who and who belongs to whom. I also frequently wish the paranormal elements were explored a little more, though this one does have a slightly sadder twist than normal. Overall, though, this was another enjoyable visit to the Campbell clan and I look forward to picking up the next piece of the puzzle soon.

Cattail Ridge is Out Now.
Visit T.L. Haddix for more details.


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