Review: On the Chase

cover-on the chaseTitle: On the Chase
Author: Katie Ruggle
Series: Rocky Mountain K9 Unit #2
Genre: Romantic Suspence
Length: Novel
Available: 5th Sept


After witnessing a horrifying crime, Kaylee is forced to flee to a small Colorado mountain town and take on a new identity. There she becomes Grace, a dog kennel worker trying to avoid the dangerously attractive K-9 Officer Hugh Murdoch.

When an accident leaves Hugh and his K-9 partner, Lexi, on desk duty, both are anxious for Hugh to heal. Until then, the highlight of his day is teasing the beautiful but mysterious new kennel employee. Their simmering attraction fuels a passionate kiss—interrupted by a sniper’s bullet. With targets on both of their backs, Grace and Hugh will do whatever it takes to stay alive…not realizing the most dangerous threat of all is hiding right in front of their noses.

Source: ARC from Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley

The Rocky Mountain K9 Unit return with another heroine on the run and the bored, protective and kind of pushy cop who takes an interest in her. If you’re new to this series, you should be able to read along just fine (although obviously you’ll know more about old characters if you’ve read Run To Ground), but returning fans will remember the charming, fun-loving Hugh and all the trouble he seems to find without even trying.

Well, there’s plenty of trouble finding him this time around. As if being shot in the leg and laid up – and bored – wasn’t bad enough, this book is full of creeping sensations of being watched, looming threats and danger popping up out of nowhere. But that’s what makes it such a compelling read.

I also liked the characters. Kaylee/Grace is in desperate need of a place to hide, but even though she’s nervous at first, there’s nothing meek or mild about her. Her new life might not be anything like what she had before, or ever wanted, but she’s strong enough to suck it up and get on with it. Eventually, after a fair bit of whining. I also liked how she handled Hugh, who is playful and pushy and charming, but also a complete nightmare when it comes to secrets and putting himself in danger. Despite his annoying tendencies at times, they do make a good team and I loved how their relationship progressed. I also really loved Lexi, Hugh’s K9 partner, though I would have liked to have seen more of her.

The romance takes a little while to build, but I enjoyed that because it gave Grace and Hugh time to trust each other. I also liked how Grace slowly found a place for herself, particularly with Jules and the kids. It all keeps steady pace with the growing threat in the suspense plot and made sure everything remained interesting right up to the end.

So overall I enjoyed this. The romance is a steady build, there’s plenty of suspense and there are a few surprises here and there. It might have been nice to have a little more resolution regarding Grace’s former life (and what she saw), but it was a good read. I’ll definitely be looking out for the next one – especially if it’s Otto’s book.

On the Chase is out September 5th.
Visit Katie Ruggle for more details.


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