Review: Ash (Hell Squad)

cover-ashTitle: Ash
Author: Anna Hackett
Series: Hell Squad #14
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


In the middle of an alien invasion, will the bad boy berserker catch the geeky tech genius?

Computer genius Marin Mitchell is doing her part to help humanity survive the raptor invasion, working tirelessly to decrypt alien data. She spends her days working and drooling over a certain tattooed, biker berserker from Squad Three. But Marin knows the rules: geeks do not snag sexy bad boys. She spends her nights playing her favorite computer game where she is a kick-butt badass, and a match for her mysterious online fight partner, SuperSoldier3.

A member of the Squad Three berserkers, Ash Connors knows that whenever he reaches for something good, life slaps him back down. He gave up on his dreams a long time ago, and instead, focused on running his motorcycle club with his best friend. But after the alien invasion, he does what he does best, fight and take down the aliens. When cute, smart, and sweet Marin catches his eye, he tries to steer clear, but can’t seem to stay away…online or in real life.

When Marin discovers information about a central alien data hub, her skills are needed to hack into the system. That means a deadly mission deep underground, right into the heart of alien territory. That throws her right into Ash’s tattooed arms. As the sexy berserker fights to keep her safe, he also vows to show Marin that while she might follow the rules, he likes to break them.

Note to readers: This sci fi romance contains a lot of action (dangerous missions and deadly aliens), tough warriors (the badass berserkers of Squad Three) and a steamy romance (lots of sexy times between a sexy former biker and a smart, geeky gamer). So if you like it fast, and gritty, and sexy, this is for you!

Source: ARC from the author

Fast, furious, sexy and fun, Hell Squad return with so much more Beserker action, as bad-boy biker Ash pursues the geeky, super smart Marin. This time around the alien action felt a little muted, leaving more time for lusty action, but I didn’t mind so much because it was all good fun.

Ash is, of course, so much more than his rough, tough Beserker persona. He’s pretty smart, loyal to the bone and wants Marin precisely as she is. So much about him is sexy, but especially the way he appreciates her brain. Admittedly, their romance is mostly about lust, but they do share some common ground, even if they don’t really explore it in this book. I liked Marin too, even if her super-genius geekness was practically witchcraft the way she managed to break code and hack into things without seeming to do anything at all.

Which leads me to the alien part of this book. It… well, it wasn’t as fierce and ferocious as some of the books have been of late. There is peril and danger, but the overall plot only inches forward this time rather than bounds on with convenient discoveries and strange new horrifying twists, with death-defying stunts that stretch all bounds of credibility. I didn’t mind this particularly, because it made for a nice breather, but there were moments when it just seems so easy for the humans, while the Gizzida clearly struggle to counter. Which does suggest there’s hope for the humans in the long run, but also risks becoming a little predictable.

However, on the whole, I found this fun and sexy. The romance itself isn’t particularly strong, relying more on lust than love, but since I could believe in this couple in the long run, I settled in and enjoyed the ride. It might be on the lighter side compared to the rest of the series, but I still liked it and can’t wait to read the next one.

Hell Squad: Ash is Out Now.
Visit Anna Hackett for more details.



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