DNF: The Christmas Promise

cover-xmas promiseTitle: The Christmas Promise
Author: Sean D. Young
Series: McClendon Holiday Series #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now

DNF @ 10%

Jennifer McClendon is in need of a vacation. What better place to get away from everything than a sun-drenched tropical island? And there’s no better way to get over her ex and have some fun than to spend a little time with a handsome software engineer who’s also on holiday. What could it hurt? They won’t see each other again anyway.

Simeon Baker wants more than a holiday romance with the gorgeous woman he meets on vacation, but a tragic accident that almost ends his life leaves him in hospital for months, and he isn’t able to follow up on his promise to keep in touch. But Fate steps in four years after their magical island holiday, and Simeon realizes Jennifer didn’t only leave the island with good memories. If he can convince Jennifer to give them a chance at something permanent, this might just be their first family Christmas.

Source: ARC from Entangled: Bliss via NetGalley

This was a definite case of it’s me, not the book, but this writing style really didn’t work for me. Too much tell, with way too much detail. Your mileage may of course vary, but I really didn’t need to know everything about Jennifer’s new dress as she walks up to her boyfriend’s house, while also all the details of their holiday and where she places every last thing she’s carrying – case, keys, shut the door – especially when in my head “It Wasn’t Me” was playing in doom-laden tones. Then it happens and she leaves and… I didn’t feel anything, because I’m just being told stuff rather than feeling Jennifer experience it.

I also didn’t need to know about everything she’d packed as she unpacked, and the way she meets Simeon is plain weird – waving at a complete stranger because, even though you can’t see them clearly and have no idea if they’re alone, they look hot and like someone you might hook up with so let’s stalk them down to breakfast and have a really stilted conversation.

And this was where I gave in. The style didn’t draw me in, I felt kept apart from what Jennifer was feeling, Simeon seemed creepy and there was just too much erroneous detail that left my attention wandering. Normally I would have pushed until at least a quarter or third of the way, but when I nearly abandoned in the middle of the first chapter, getting through the second seemed beyond me. Sorry.

The Christmas Promise is Out Now.
Visit Sean D. Young for more details.



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