Review: Trouble Next Door

cover-trouble next doorTitle: Trouble Next Door
Author: Stefanie London
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


McKenna Prescott is the queen of picking the wrong men. When her latest boyfriend dumps her, she decides to devote her time to “exploring herself” (read: drinking wine and ordering sex toys online) and starting her freelance makeup business. That is, until an embarrassing delivery mix-up puts her sexy, gruff neighbor in her path…

Beckett Walsh is married to his job…which is a deal-breaker for the woman he’s supposed to be marrying. Even worse, his would-be father-in-law has pulled support from Beckett’s startup and now Beckett stands to lose everything. But the gorgeous, crazy makeup artist from down the hall has an equally crazy but mutually beneficial idea: if he convinces his sister to hire McKenna for her high-society wedding, McKenna will teach him about what women want so he can get his fiancée back.

All he has to do is make sure he doesn’t fall for the wrong girl.

Source: ARC from Entangled: Lovestruck via NetGalley

This is a cute, easy, enjoyable read that had plenty of fun with opposites attract and keeping things light. McKenna is sparkly and upbeat, Beckett is kind of gloomy and serious, but the two of them together were great.

I really liked McKenna. I loved her love of makeup and making women look and feel good, and I felt for her when it came to a lack of support from her family. She’s fun and light-hearted without being frivolous and I loved seeing her grow in confidence and take the first steps to building her own business.

I liked Beckett too, especially when it came to how accepting he was of McKenna and her quirks. He’s also deeply caring when it comes to his family. Which made it all the more disappointing about how he handles things with his fiancé. Maybe he was so focused on finances and the end goal to see the woman involved, but he’s so understanding and accepting of the other women in his life – McKenna included – that it seemed a little harsh that his fiancé didn’t merit the same consideration.

On the whole, though, this was lovely. Fun and light and easy, it reads like a bubbly tonic to a bad or difficult day. With added extra sparkles. Just what I needed on a chilly winter night.

Trouble Next Door is Out Now.
Visit Stefanie London for more details.



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