Review: Breaking Magic

cover-breaking magicTitle: Breaking Magic
Author: Alex C. Vick
Series: Legacy of Androva #5
Genre: YA Fantasy
Length: Novel
Available: Now


Callax is fifteen, and he already knows he won’t ever grow old. Twelve years after leaving the childstation he will be summoned to the Gathering, where life essences are taken by a deadly, irresistible spell. On his world, this is one of the many ways in which the Exta serve the Opta. His best hope is to avoid an early binding by staying out of trouble.

But in protecting his younger brother Benedar, he was noticed by the Breaker, the evil magician in charge of the Gathering. The closer Callax gets to the ruling house and the girl who lives there, the more he learns, and the greater the danger. A danger he might not understand until it is too late. Callax thinks the Breaker’s defeat will save him, but he is wrong.

Additional information: Although Breaking Magic is part of the Legacy of Androva series, it can also be read independently. If you have read Controlling Magic and want to know more about Imbera, Breaking Magic is Cal’s story. The book retells part of Controlling Magic from Cal’s point of view. Recommended for lower young adult.

Source: Review copy from the author

Born into a life of slavery and raised without parents, Cal’s story does not start from an easy place. Throw in the fact that everyone he knows – including himself – will die at eighteen, killed by their magic-wielding Opta rulers, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of hope for Cal to cling onto.

Except not everything is as it seems in this messed up world, and despite being placed in the lowest ranking Exta workforce and unable to read or write, there’s clearly more to Cal than meets the eye. More to everything, in fact. When Cal starts to ask questions about the way things are run, more questions arise, and a wider mystery begins to unravel.

I really enjoyed this book. I’ve only read the first of this series, but that didn’t stop me from falling deep into Cal’s world and willing him and his friends to find a way out of their situation. The mystery is cleverly unwound throughout the story, giving plenty of hints here and there about what’s going on, but still managing to throw up a few surprises. Cal’s a great hero too, brave and determined as well as angry and selfless, he’s not perfect but that just made him more likeable. There’s also a solid cast of secondary characters backing him up, bringing depth to the world and keeping everything ticking along.

With more mystery than action, it does move a little slowly at times, but that gave the story plenty of time to explore the way Cal’s life works. The pace also picks up a lot towards the end, answering all the important questions and putting Cal and his friends fully to the test. Fans of the Legacy of Androva series will enjoy seeing old faces popping in to play their own part, but equally, newcomers won’t feel left behind. In all an absorbing, intriguing read that left me wanting to explore more from the series.

Breaking Magic is Out Now.
Visit Alex C. Vick for more details.




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