Review: Levi (Hell Squad)

cover-leviTitle: Levi
Author: Anna Hackett
Series: Hell Squad #15
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


In the middle of an alien invasion, a bad boy berserker collides with a spunky mechanic on a dangerous sabotage mission.

Levi King has always lived rough. Raised by a biker dad, he fought for everything he had—including being president of the Iron Kings motorcycle club. But when the aliens invaded, he lost it all. Now he wades through the muck with his fellow berserkers, fighting to protect the last of the human survivors. He fights hard and parties harder, and follows no one’s rules but his own. But then he finds himself fascinated by a mouthy, auburn-haired mechanic who isn’t afraid to give him a piece of her mind.

Chrissy Hagan survived months of alien captivity and now she’s found a purpose at the Enclave—as mechanic in charge of the armored Hunter vehicles. She keeps her babies purring…and hates every scratch the soldiers put on them, especially when a certain arrogant, cocky, and annoying biker is responsible. Did she mention annoying? What about tattooed, man-bunned, and far too sexy? Chrissy and Levi do more than strike sparks of each other…they start full blown infernos, and she isn’t afraid to use her wrench on his hard head when required.

But then a vital mission requires Chrissy to step out of the safety of the Enclave, and sabotage and steal an alien vehicle. Working side by side, desire burns white-hot. Levi discovers he will give everything he’s got to keep Chrissy safe and claim her as his…if they both get through the deadly mission alive. 

Note to readers: This sci fi romance contains a lot of action (dangerous missions and deadly aliens), tough warriors (the badass berserkers of Squad Three) and a steamy romance (lots of sexy times between a sexy former biker and a spunky mechanic). So if you like it fast, and gritty, and sexy, this is for you!

Source: ARC from the author

Hell Squad is back and packed with everything that makes this series the action-packed, sexy ride that it always is – a bad boy hero, a kick ass heroine, aliens, action, explosions and sex. It’s quick, it’s fun and really, what else do you need?

Well… okay, if I’m honest, Levi didn’t really endear himself to me at the beginning. He’s rough and tough and a bad boy biker and so on and so forth, which mostly translates into pushy jerk with manwhore tendencies and an inability to keep his mouth shut, despite Chrissy asking him not to talk about what they got up to. He does improve as the book progresses, but it’s hard to fathom quite how he turns from the guy who sleeps with anyone at the beginning to the deeply in love with Chrissy alone at the end. There’s no progression, it just happens… because ROMANCE!

I liked Chrissy, because she’s competent and takes none of Levi’s nonsense. She’s also brave and has really been through some stuff, yet come out pretty much whole. Despite that, I never really connected too deeply with her, but then I found this book more of an easy read than an absorbing one. I think, perhaps, after so many books now it’s difficult for me to believe anything terrible is going to happen – well, beyond the whole alien invasion. Even when their mission has basically zero planning, I never felt like they were going to fail. I just knew something improbable and unlikely would occur and whoop!

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the ride, but where this series used to be a little gritty and a lot gripping, these days it’s all huge explosions, hot sex and unlikely missions, with a wider plot occasionally thrown in to tie everything together. Which isn’t a bad thing, because it makes for fun, action-packed reads, but I still prefer the earlier tales when it felt like so much more was at stake.

Hell Squad: Levi is Out Now.
Visit Anna Hackett for more details.



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