Review: Controlling Magic

cover-controlling magicTitle: Controlling Magic
Author: Alex C. Vick
Series: Legacy of Androva #4
Genre: Fantasy
Age Range: 9+
Available: Now


Far away, on a world of rock and water, live a brother and sister. They have a special talent. So special that, when applied correctly, it enables them to live forever. Androva hasn’t visited this world since before the Treaty. It was so horrified by what it found there, it closed the portals and never went back. 

Right now on Androva, everyone is trying to come up with the best Entertainment Spell for the Spring Festival. And there is also an important question to answer. Just how many magicians should Terra be allowed to have anyway? No-one realises that there is a deadly enemy lurking in the background. An enemy so devious that it can get your own force field to work against you.

Jax has been saying he wants to go to Imbera since the end of Seeking Magic. He doesn’t realise that Imbera is actually coming for him. Be careful what you wish for…

The Legacy of Androva is a series of contemporary fantasy books, for middle grade and older. The stories are self-contained, with no cliffhangers in between books.

Source: Review copy provided by the author

Breaking Magic, the fifth Legacy of Androva book, is my favourite of the series by far, so it was great to read the story from the other magical side, the one in which the better known Androva characters – Jax, Shannon, Darius and Penny – stumble into creepy Imbera and set several things in motion. Even though this book technically comes before Breaking Magic, I’m glad I read them this way around else I would have already known the ending.

But back to this book. I’ll admit the narrative style isn’t my favourite. I don’t really like being told what’s happening rather than experiencing it with the characters. Nor am I generally a big fan of an overall narrator who skips from character to character and even talks straight to the reader at times. It leads to quite a lot of infodumping and glossing over things. And yet, somehow, it worked for me here. Perhaps it was because I missed out on book 2 and 3, so it helped catch me up on all I missed, or perhaps it was because the plot itself kept me intrigued. Whatever it was, the narrative style didn’t stop me from having fun with this.

Fears and overcoming them play a big part in this tale, with some strained friendships and relationship woes. The main mystery though is the strange power in a new word and the lure of dragons. Powerful books, a forbidden world and strong compulsions combine to put everything – their friendships, their lives, even Androva at risk. There’s also a nice mix of Terran science with Androvan magic as Penny embraces her powers and searches for a cure.

In all, another enjoyable fantasy adventure for those who love magic, the possibility of other worlds and finding interesting new ways to save the day. And if you haven’t read Breaking Magic yet… what are you waiting for? It’s really good!

Controlling Magic is Out Now.
Visit Alex C. Vick for more details.


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