Review: Connecting Magic

cover-connecting magicTitle: Connecting Magic
Author: Alex C. Vick
Series: Legacy of Androva #7
Genre: Teen Fantasy
Age Range: 11+
Available: Now


Shannon, Jax, Darius, and Penny are underage magicians from different worlds. They have defeated the worst of villains and forged a bond that will last for the rest of their lives. But there’s no happy ever after yet. In fact, death might be waiting right around the corner, and they have no idea just how fast the clock is ticking. 

Problem one: A magical contract, created when Jax and Shannon first met, has recently been triggered, and its life-threatening consequences appear to be unavoidable. 
Problem two: Magic obeys the magician. It has no conscience. No filter for good or evil. And Darius is about to demonstrate that a good magician is more than capable of using evil magic. 

With Jax and Shannon distracted by the first problem, Penny may not survive the second. Whatever happens, one of the four will face certain death before the end… 

The Legacy of Androva is a complete series of contemporary fantasy books for lower young adult / upper middle grade. The stories are self-contained, with no cliffhangers in between books.

Source: ARC from the author

The Legacy of Androva comes to a nail-biting conclusion in this seventh and final book. Everything the characters have learned across their previous adventures is about to collide in one last challenge that puts several lives in danger. It’s pretty fast-paced and definitely not the place for new readers to start, but if you’re already a fan, then prepare to enjoy this tense and intriguing ride.

It all starts in a familiar place – Jax is in trouble with his father and drawing his three friends in with him. There is an awful lot of recapping in the early chapters, so if you haven’t read any of the books in a while, this will soon catch you up. It was perhaps a little too much of an info-dump for me, but before long we’re past that and moving into the good stuff. Like a reappearance from Callax, of Breaking Magic (plus a few others from Imbera – Benedar!), Jax’s wild emotions and hard to control temper, Penny’s continued search for a Sygnus, including some explorations from Shannon, not to mention Darius’ very strange behaviour. Even in its quiet moments, there’s always plenty going on in this book.

There’s also plenty of tension between the younger and older characters, as once more the strict rules of the Council threaten to ruin everything. Secrets kept for people’s own good soon come back to bite them all, but it’s not just about adults being bad and children being great – there are signs of hope for Jax’s dad, at long last, and even the professors are given a bit more life.

A lot happens in this book, and there were times I wish Darius’ activities had been given more plot room, but this way does make things seem a lot more sinister and surprising when it all comes out. I was also left wondering how Darius’ plot could possibly tie-in with the rest before the end and how Jax’s troubles would be resolved. I needn’t have worried, because this book finds a way and it works beautifully.

So in all, a fine finale to the series. If you like magical adventures, a bit of romance and more rule breaking danger than you can shake a stuffy Council member at, then these books might well be for you. They do occasionally read like Noah’s ark, with all the magicians lining up in romantic two-by-twos, but that quibble aside, it’s fun and easy and exciting – and this one was amongst my favourites. I look forward to seeing what the author comes up with next.

Connecting Magic is Out Now.
Visit Alex C. Vick for more details.



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