Review: Nobody’s Fool

cover-nobody's foolTitle: Nobody’s Fool
Author: Barbara Meyers
Series: – –
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: Jan 6th


She’s home to make amends. He’s out to get a little revenge. The heart he breaks could be his own.

The Jolie Kramer who left Oak Ridge at eighteen isn’t the same one who’s home for her ten-year high school reunion. The old Jolie hid her secrets and insecurities behind her popular-girl image.The new Jolie has returned triumphant from NYC older, wiser, and ready to make amends for the bridges she burned. Especially the one between her and Court Harrison, her biggest supporter since childhood.

Court hates to admit he’s still hung up on Jolie, and he’s vowed to finally put the past way, way behind him. She wants to kiss and make up? He’ll give her a taste of her own medicine. Make her fall for him—only this time, he’ll be the one walking away.

But his plan works a little too well, and by the time he realizes her feelings are real, it’s too late and he’s lost the only woman he’ll ever want. His only hope lies in Plan B, which contains the one thing he hopes she can’t resist: a chance to show the world—and Court—just what she can do.

Warning: Rife with broken hearts and burning desires. A class geek turned super-stud, and an ex-prom queen whose tiara is a bit tarnished. Three-hankie breakup scenes and three-alarm make-up sex. You’re welcome!

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