Review: Sea

cover-seaTitle: Sea
Author: Sarah Driver
Series: The Huntress #1
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
Length: Novel
Available: Now


In the sky, the fire spirits dance and ripple. Grandma says they showed our Tribe that I’d be a captain, before I was even born.

Ever since Ma died, Mouse has looked after her little brother, Sparrow, dreaming of her destiny as captain of the Huntress. But now Da’s missing, Sparrow is in danger, and a deathly cold is creeping across Trianukka . . .

Sea-churning, beast-chattering, dream-dancing, whale-riding, terrodyl-flying, world-saving adventure. The first book in a stunning new fantasy adventure trilogy, perfect for readers aged 9+ and fans of Philip Pullman, Piers Torday, Abi Elphinstone, Katherine Rundell and Frances Hardinge.

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Review: The Devil’s Paintbox

cover-devils-paintboxTitle: The Devil’s Paintbox
Author: Robin Jarvis
Series: The Witching Legacy #2
Genre: Children’s/MG Dark Fantasy
Age Range: 11+
Available: Now


Legend of supernatural fantasy Robin Jarvis is back with his spellbinding sequel to The Power of Dark. 

Lil and Verne may think they have quelled the Dark forces that tried to destroy Whitby, but they have no idea that the powers they’ve been meddling with are about to turn on them. Despite Lil’s crucial role in saving her home from destruction, she notices that the townsfolk have become wary of her – even fear her. More than ever she needs the support of best friend Verne and the witch Cherry Cerise, but they are preoccupied by their attempts to uncover more secrets of the golden Nimius.

When Lil finds an antique box of watercolour paints she welcomes the diversion, little realising that every time she uses it something nasty escapes. But it is while they are distracted an old enemy finds a path to their door . . .

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Review: Frogkisser!

cover-frogkisserTitle: Frogkisser!
Author: Garth Nix
Series: ?
Genre: MG/Children’s Fantasy
Length: Novel
Available: 28th Feb


Garth Nix is on hilarious form as he spins his very own fairy tale, featuring Princess Anya, who, with her loyal dog, must embark on a terribly important (capital Q) Quest to acquire the ingredients for a reversal lip balm, the vital item needed to change a frog back to a prince . . . oh, and save her kingdom from her villainous step(step)father.

A brilliantly funny take on fairytales and quests for younger readers.

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DNF: The Lost Knight

Title: The Lost Knight
Author: Candy Atkins
Series: The Lost Knight #1
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
Length: Novel
Available: Now

DNF @ 20%

How am I supposed to save the world when I’m not strong, not brave, not smart, and not particularly good at most things?

I ran away from home the day after my thirteenth birthday when Auntie and her weird friend attacked me. Now I’m on the run with the Grim Reaper and a scary soldier. And I’m no longer on Earth.

They were expecting me to be a Knight. The savior that’s supposed to stop a war and prevent the invasion to Earth. But I’m not. They grabbed the wrong girl. I just don’t know how to tell them.

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Review: The Keeper of Portals

cover-keeper-of-portalsTitle: The Keeper of Portals
Author: V.S. Nelson
Series: ?
Genre: MG Fantasy/Time travel
Length: Novel
Available: 28th Jan


Everything in the universe is maintained by its own keeper, from the most insignificant insect to time itself. When 15 year-old Martin moves into a stately home that’s dangerously overhanging a cliff, he meets the Keeper of Portals and learns of the mysterious door at the end of his bedroom.

One morning, Martin wakes to discover the Keeper of Portals is missing and the door at the end of his bedroom is open. Martin steps through the door to find himself in the 17th century where he meets Isabel, the house’s maid. Upon discovering two imprisoned keepers, Martin and Isabel gain the ability to control time and travel through portals.

After being attacked by hordes of brainwashed villagers, Martin and Isabel learn that the master of the house has a devious plan, one the keepers are powerless to stop. Martin and Isabel must jump between the present day and the 17th century in order to hide from the twisted master, avoiding past versions of themselves, as powerful keepers thwart them at every turn. But as items from the future begin to bleed into the past and the present day is plagued by malfunctioning portals, Martin and Isabel’s only option is to confront the master – the Keeper of Questions.

The Keeper of Portals is an adventure story that explores the supernatural and is an ideal read for 10—14 year-olds. Inspired by authors such as Philip Pullman and Neil Gaiman, this book will be enjoyed by fans of time-slip fantasies, both children and adults alike.

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Review: Stolen Magic

cover-steaing-magicTitle: Stealing Magic
Author: Alex C. Vick
Series: Legacy of Androva #1
Genre: Fantasy
Age Range: 9+
Available: Now


What would you do? Would you open your eyes, if you were the one that heard them? Two magic-takers from another world, arguing about whether they can collect what they came for before you wake up. It sounds like a crazy dream, or a practical joke. But what if the air around you started to vibrate with an invisible force field? What if, all at once, it felt terrifying yet familiar too?

You would have no way of knowing that your life would change forever. That this discovery would set you on a path no-one from our world has taken for centuries. Towards a deadly enemy, and a fight that you will almost certainly lose. All you know is that your heart is beating so fast you’re worried they will hear it, and your brain is starting to buzz as the force field reaches it. Would you open your eyes?

Join Jax and Shannon as they live through the most exciting and terrifying ten days of their lives (so far). This is the first book in the Legacy of Androva series.

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Review: Secrets and Ghosts

cover-secrets-and-ghostsTitle: Secrets and Ghosts
Author: Dennis Zaslona
Series: Secrets and Ghosts #1
Genre: MG Paranormal
Length: Novel
Available: Now


A boy who doesn’t believe in ghosts

 A  girl with a terrible secret

 And a very haunted hotel…

Even though his dad is a ghost hunter, 13 year old Dan doesn’t believe in spirits and all that weird stuff. Shafilea lives in an old hotel with her grandparents and is tormented at having to keep from her family a terrible secret.

The arrival of Dan and his dad at the hotel triggers off a series of scary events. Dan and Shafi become friends and together they investigate the goings on in the hotel. The happenings get so bad that the kitchen staff are frightened off and the hotel is plunged into crisis.

But Shafi’s friendship with Dan has given away her secret and her future will now no longer be her own. To give Shafi back her happiness and to stop the hotel from closing, Dan must risk his life and his soul to defeat the evil presence that plagues the hotel.

Will the new friendship between Dan and Shafi survive attack by the supernatural and real life forces? Can they save each other? The answers to these questions are not what you might expect.

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