Review: Moonlight Over Manhattan

cover-moonlight over manhattanTitle: Moonlight Over Manhattan
Author: Sarah Morgan
Series: From Manhattan With Love #6
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: Now (UK/ Nov 28th US)


She’ll risk everything for her own Christmas miracle… 

Determined to conquer a lifetime of shyness, Harriet Knight challenges herself to do one thing a day in December that scares her, including celebrating Christmas without her family. But when dog walker Harriet meets her newest client, exuberant spaniel Madi, she adds an extra challenge to her list—dealing with Madi’s temporary dog sitter, gruff doctor Ethan Black, and their very unexpected chemistry. 

Ethan thought he was used to chaos, until he met Madi—how can one tiny dog cause such mayhem? To Ethan, the solution is simple—he will pay Harriet to share his New York apartment and provide twenty-four-hour care. But there’s nothing simple about how Harriet makes him feel. 

Ethan’s kisses make Harriet shine brighter than the stars over moonlit Manhattan. But when his dog-sitting duties are over and Harriet returns to her own home, will she dare to take the biggest challenge of all—letting Ethan know he has her heart for life, not just for Christmas?

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Review: Hot-Shot Doc, Secret Dad

cover-hot-shot doc secret dadTitle: Hot-Shot Doc, Secret Dad
Author: Lynne Marshall
Series: Cowboys, Doctors… Daddies #1/Single Dad Romance
Genre: Medical Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


Nurse Julie Sterling risks everything to return to the hometown she left, heartbroken and pregnant – it will give her son stability. But her new boss, Trevor Montgomery, is also her son’s father! He’s never forgotten his one night with Julie, and now he’s a dad! Can he convince her that he wants to be part of her life… for ever?

Cowboys, Doctors… Daddies! The Montgomery brothers – from bachelors to dads!

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Review: Mummy, Nurse… Duchess?

cover-mummy, nurse...duchessTitle: Mummy, Nurse… Duchess?
Author: Kate Hardy
Series: Paddington Children’s Hospital #3
Genre: Medical Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: 1st May


Nurse Rosie Hobbes knows charming men cannot be trusted. Visiting paediatrician, sexy Italian Duke, Dr Leo Marchetti is surely no exception!

Her toddler twins are now the centre of Rosie’s life, and she expects Leo to run a mile when he meets them. Instead his warmth leaves her breathless!

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Review: Their One Night Baby

cover-their one night babyTitle: Their One Night Baby
Author: Carol Marinelli
Series: Padding Children’s Hospital #1
Genre: Medical Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: 1st April


Their sexy cease-fire!

Working together to save Paddington Children’s Hospital, Paramedic Victoria Christie and Dr Dominic MacBride never fail to challenge each other… Until one night, they discover a new way to relieve the tension…by turning their arguments into reckless abandon!

Dom came to Paddington’s to escape a betrayal and has no intention of falling in love—but when Victoria reveals she’s pregnant he finds himself re-evaluating his lone wolf status. Now he’s fighting for the woman who fires his blood, and their surprise baby!

Paddington Children’s Hospital
Caring for children – and captivating hearts!

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Review: The Dare and the Doctor

cover-dare-and-the-doctorTitle: The Dare and the Doctor
Author: Kate Noble
Series: Winner Takes All #3
Genre: Regency Romance
Length: Novel
Available: 22nd Nov


With writing that is “nothing less than brilliant” (Booklist) comes the third in the witty, sexy Winner Takes All series from Kate Noble!

Dr. Rhys Gray and Miss Margaret Babcock are friends—strictly friends. But over the course of the year, as they exchange dozens of letters, they share personal details that put them on the path to something more. When Dr. Gray helps Margaret realize her dearest dream and she comes to his defense in the uproar that follows, it seems that their connection cannot be denied. But will their relationship stand the scruples of society and jealous intendeds, or are they destined to be only friends, and nothing more?

The perfect novel for fans of Regency Era romance, The Dare and the Doctor is a clever and passionate love story worth sharing.

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Review: Love Me, Cowgirl

cover-love-me-cowgirlTitle: Love Me, Cowgirl
Author: Eve Gaddy
Series: 78th Copper Mountain Rodeo #4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short Novel
Available: Now


Disillusioned with love, Dr. Sean Gallagher returns to Marietta to join its expanding medical facility. Marietta’s newest, most eligible bachelor isn’t looking for long-term involvement – especially not with his brother’s much-younger former girlfriend, Honey Jordan. But short term? That’s another matter.

Escaping a toxic relationship with her father, barrel racer Honey spends as little time as possible in Marietta. Home for the 78th Annual Copper Mountain Rodeo, a brief fling with the town’s hottest new doc might be just the thing to distract her until she can leave again.

But when a riding accident strands Honey in Marietta, an affair meant to last a few nights turns into something much deeper, leaving both Sean and Honey torn between the safety of saying goodbye and the heartache of losing what they dare not admit they’ve found — one true and lasting love.

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Review: It Had to be Them

cover-it-had-to-be-themTitle: It Had to be Them
Author: Tamra Bauman
Series: It Had to be… #4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel
Available: 11th Oct


Kline Grant has traveled the world for more than a decade to avoid going back home—and to make sure she doesn’t see Ben, her former fiancé. But her mother’s recent health troubles make it impossible for Kline to stay away. She plans to check on her mom, avoid Ben, and then get back on the road again. But the quirky town locals of Anderson Butte, a private little celebrity hideaway in the picturesque mountains of Colorado, have a very different plan.

Ben Anderson, the town’s handsome and beloved doctor, once broke Kline’s heart for reasons he’s never explained. When he figures out her mother’s scheme to trick her into coming home, he enlists the meddling townspeople’s help to make things right again with Kline. Then Ben plans to win her back. But as the former flames come face-to-face, old wounds ache, hurtful secrets emerge, and sparks fly with the heat between them that’s never cooled. Will the truth be enough to heal two broken hearts, or will it keep them apart forever?

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