Review: Halloween at the Graff

cover-halloween at the graffTitle: Halloween at the Graff
Author: Sinclair Jayne
Series: Holiday at the Graff #1/Wilders #5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: Now


Starting over at thirty-two is never fun, especially in a town the size of a postage stamp. Chasing that with having to beg for a job she’s wildly over-qualified for and Walker Wilder’s pride is really burned. But now that she’s the new events director for the historic Montana Graff Hotel, she’s tasked with creating buzz and traditions to fill rooms during the off-season. Halloween may not scream touristy, but hiring a spirit-hunting TV crew will definitely grab some headlines… But when the sexy spirit hunter shows up, he haunts more than her dreams. 

Calum Quest is done. He’s created an entertainment empire by chasing something he’s never seen and is tired of asking questions with no answers. His life has been defined by ghosts he needs to exorcise, yet, when a red-haired, grey-eyed beauty with a body that melts his mind pours him a double shot of Laphroaig whiskey and challenges him to one more round, how can he say no?

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Review: Wytch and Prinze

cover-wytch and prinzeTitle: Wytch and Prinze
Author: Kassandra Lea
Series: – –
Genre: M/M Paranormal
Length: Novella
Available: 19th April


Medium Jacob Wytch lives in the forest with his fluffy dog Gruff and his ghostly fairy godmother Amelie. When he gets a call from his friend Renwick Prinze, he panics. Jacob has been pining for Renwick longer than he cares to admit. Instead of admitting, however, he listens to Amelie and begins to sabotage Renwick’s beds in hopes of inviting his dashing friend to sleep with him.

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Review: Thunderstruck

cover-thunderstruckTitle: Thunderstruck
Author: Ali Sparkes
Series: – –
Genre: Children’s Paranormal Fiction
Age Range: 9+
Available: Now


What if your new best friend was a ghost?

Getting struck by lightning whilst huddling under a tree isn’t exactly the way Alisha and Theo would have chosen to get out of sports day . . .

Surviving the strike makes them see life differently. It also makes them notice Doug and Lizzie. Struck by lightning under that same tree on the common in 1975, the two teenagers have been hanging out there ever since.

Doug and Lizzie are funny, clever, brave – and quite happy about making friends with a pair of ten-year-olds. OK, fair point, they are dead, and Doug’s trousers are worryingly flared. But you can’t have everything.

But something sinister is going on at school – although only Theo and Alisha seem to be able to see it. What can it mean when ragged faceless entities keep staring in through the windows?

Not all ghosts are friendly like Doug and Lizzie . . . but are these phantoms really the harbingers of doom for all the kids at Beechwood Junior?

A fun and fast-paced ghostly mystery with lightning strikes, floating phantoms, and four fantastic friends just trying to get on with their everyday lives . . . or deaths . . .

From the prize-winning author of Frozen in Time, the Shapeshifter series, and many more!

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Review: The Moonlight Statue

cover-hounds-of-penhallow-hallTitle: The Moonlight Statue
Author: Holly Webb
Illustrator: Jason Cockcroft
Series: The Hounds of Penhallow Hall
Ages: 8+
Available: 9th Feb


For Polly, moving to Penhallow Hall is the fresh start she’s been longing for since the death of her father. Her mum has got a job managing the stately home and once the last of the visitors leave for the day the place is all theirs!

One night, Polly sleepwalks into the garden and wakes to find her hand on the head of one of the stone dogs that guard the steps down to the lawn. Then she feels him lick her cheek! The dog introduces himself as Rex, an Irish Wolfhound who lived at Penhallow many hundreds of years earlier.

And he is not the only resident ghost – Polly has also glimpsed a strange boy around the place. With Rex’s help she finds herself unravelling the story of his beloved master, William Penhallow, who was killed in the First World War aged only 17.

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Review: Secrets and Ghosts

cover-secrets-and-ghostsTitle: Secrets and Ghosts
Author: Dennis Zaslona
Series: Secrets and Ghosts #1
Genre: MG Paranormal
Length: Novel
Available: Now


A boy who doesn’t believe in ghosts

 A  girl with a terrible secret

 And a very haunted hotel…

Even though his dad is a ghost hunter, 13 year old Dan doesn’t believe in spirits and all that weird stuff. Shafilea lives in an old hotel with her grandparents and is tormented at having to keep from her family a terrible secret.

The arrival of Dan and his dad at the hotel triggers off a series of scary events. Dan and Shafi become friends and together they investigate the goings on in the hotel. The happenings get so bad that the kitchen staff are frightened off and the hotel is plunged into crisis.

But Shafi’s friendship with Dan has given away her secret and her future will now no longer be her own. To give Shafi back her happiness and to stop the hotel from closing, Dan must risk his life and his soul to defeat the evil presence that plagues the hotel.

Will the new friendship between Dan and Shafi survive attack by the supernatural and real life forces? Can they save each other? The answers to these questions are not what you might expect.

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Review: The Fox and the Ghost King

cover-the fox and the ghost king.pngTitle: The Fox and the Ghost King
Author: Michael Morpurgo
Illustrator: Michael Foreman
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Age Range: 6+
Available: 22nd Sept


A delightful tale of victory against all odds from master storyteller, Michael Morpurgo, lavishly illustrated by Michael Foreman.

“Every fox in the whole town, in the whole country just about, is a football fan… And we all have an impossible dream.”

In a cosy den under a garden shed lives a family of foxes. They love to watch football – all foxes do. But their favourite team keeps losing and losing, and it seems like things will never look up.

That is, until Daddy Fox finds the ghost of a king, buried underneath a car park. A king who wishes only to be free.

“Release me,” says the Ghost King, “and I can do anything. Just tell me your greatest wish.”

For these football-loving foxes, might everything be about to change…?

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Review: Penric and the Shaman

cover-penric and the shamanTitle: Penric and the Shaman
Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
Series: Penric and Des #2 (World of the Five Gods #1.6)
Genre: Fantasy
Length: Novella
Available: Now


In this NOVELLA set in The World of the Five Gods and four years after the events in “Penric’s Demon”, Penric is a divine of the Bastard’s Order as well as a sorcerer and scholar, living in the palace where the Princess-Archdivine holds court. His scholarly work is interrupted when the Archdivine agrees to send Penric, in his role as sorcerer, to accompany a “Locator” of the Father’s Order, assigned to capture Inglis, a runaway shaman charged with the murder of his best friend. However, the situation they discover in the mountains is far more complex than expected. Penric’s roles as sorcerer, strategist, and counselor are all called upon before the end.

Bujold delivers an astonishing tale that is not soon forgotten.

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