Submission Guidelines

Update 21st November

Submission Queue is CLOSED!

If I’ve reviewed for you before, feel free to get in touch.

To everyone else, sorry, but I’m cutting back on my reviews until at least the new year.

Before we get too involved, my preferred genres are:

  • Romance: Anything, including LGBTQIA.
  • Fantasy: Anything, including fairy tales.
  • Children’s: Almost anything, especially if it has magic or animals, but I’ll read the occasional mystery too.
  • YA: Preferably Fantasy/Sci-Fi types.
  • Sci-Fi: If it intrigues me, I’ll read it. Lighter is probably better.

If your book is not from one of the above genres, I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to review it for you. Mostly because of time constraints.

If your book is from one of the above genres, then please read the following:

  • I try very hard to be an honest reviewer. If I love something, I will say so. If I don’t, likewise. This is nothing personal. Everyone is different and I am one person, so just because I don’t like something it doesn’t mean no one else will. If I have been given a book which I don’t think I can give a complete and honest review to, I will email you to let you know. (This will probably be because I couldn’t finish it.)
  • I will email you when I post a review to let you know it’s out – and possibly to ask whether you’d like it added anywhere other than Goodreads, where I add everything that I review here.
  • I won’t change my reviews on request, unless I have made a clear mistake. I’m sorry if my views do not accord with yours, but I will always be honest.
  • All of these above guidelines apply to people who have emailed me directly for a review. If I have received your book through NetGalley then all feedback will be sent via that site.
  • If I have posted a low starred review to Amazon it’s because I feel I have something to say about the book – usually if it’s in a series that I’ve been reading and enjoying, or I have a particular issue with it that I think readers might want to know about. As such I will not remove reviews on request. Sorry, but I review for other readers not authors.
  • If your book is part of a series, I’d appreciate it if you could offer me the first book – unless the book is a standalone installment. If you have a book coming out that’s the second or later in the series, I understand your wish for publicity, but unless it can be read without trying the rest you’ll probably end up with a disgruntled review from me – and no one likes a disgruntled review. Especially from me.
  • Most of the books that I review I have received free in exchange for an honest review. It’s perfectly fine for you to ask me to read your book, however, if you do not intend to provide me with a review copy, please be aware that it is unlikely I will buy your book just so I can review it. When I receive a free book, I feel obliged to review it as soon as I am able. Any books that I buy (no matter how much I love the author) fall to the bottom of the pile, only to be read when I have time. So you can ask, but don’t expect me to agree.
  • If your book ends on a cliffhanger, or is only the first installment/part of a serialised tale, please let me know when you email me. Some people love serial fiction, some people love a cliffhanger, sadly, I am not one of them and I will grumpily make my views known if you spring one on me as a surprise.

If you’ve read all that and still wish to send me something, then please email me. Requests sent to me via other means (such as Goodreads) won’t be accepted. I prefer to know that you’ve read my guidelines first and understand what you might be getting from me (so if you don’t use my name, which is Becca, I’ll know you didn’t read all of this first).

Any other questions? Feel free to ask below.

Thanks for reading!


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